If eating crab is an event 4U, it’s easy to get excited here

To me, crab is everything

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Location: CA-San Francisco

Story Date: 7/29/2019

Publisher: San Francisco Chronicle   

Author: Soleil Ho

When I was a kid, I had a specific way in which I imagined success and luxury: I wanted to be rich enough to eat crab whenever I felt like it, to eat more than just a small cluster of legs or a half of a soft shell crab on special occasions. Instead of string cheese, I would snack on sticks of imitation crab, peeling off strips of processed fish meat while I watched television. In my line cook days, I got a tattoo of a Vietnamese mud crab on my chest —people ask me all the time if I’m a Cancer, and I (a Virgo) simply respond that no, I just love crab! I dreamed of sweet flesh, the exhalation of meat from cracked legs, the creamy bite of orange roe.

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