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A sprawling play place for kids, & Cha Cha Chicken for food

Four Hours: Exploring the newly relocated kids' museum, now in Santa Monica

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Location: CA-Los Angeles

Story Date: 8/9/2019

Publisher: Los Angeles Times   

Author: Andre Vergara

Bless the children. They’re too young to understand what a trip to the Third Street Promenade in the middle of summer means. Too young to know about traffic, tourist traps and six-level parking garages. Bless them for being able to make the trip to the Westside without losing their minds. Their reward is the Cayton Children’s Museum, which recently relocated from downtown L.A. to the Promenade. If “museum” sounds boring, don’t worry — it’s actually a sprawling play place. At $14 a person, it’s not cheap, and admission lasts just two hours. But for our purposes, that’s perfect — we’re halfway to four fun hours in Santa Monica.

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