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KEX Portland is full of 'historical detritus.'

Portland Hasn't Seen A Boutique Hotel Quite Like This Before

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Location: OR-Portland

Story Date: 11/26/2019

Publisher: Portland Monthly   

Author: Marty Patail

Vintage Italian fencing masks. Tall doors salvaged from an old Cairo bakery. One hundred and forty hand-painted signs from a Belgian racetrack with the names of long-dead horses. Ancient-looking milking stools from a farm in rural Hungary. Stone—yes, real stone—shelving from the Dutch National Archives. All of this historical detritus, and much more, is showcased in the newly opened Kex Hotel near the Burnside bridgehead. It’s a far cry from the minimalist, midcentury chic that has dominated Portland’s hotel boom in recent years.

Place Category: Lodging

Story Category: More Unique Than Usual and New Places