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Las Vegas pool guide: These spots will keep you cool as temps heat up

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Location: NV-Las Vegas

Story Date: 6/6/2019

Publisher: Las Vegas Weekly   

Author: Genevie Durano, Kelcie Grega, Brock Radke, C. Moon Reed

Can you smell the sunscreen and chlorine? After an oddly chilly spring, pool season is finally here. As the sun warms our skin and turns every metal surface molten hot, it’s time to find a desert oasis. But how and where? We know that every casino resort has a rad pool, but which ones accept locals? Which water parks are worth visiting? Where are the hippest pool clubs? What are the best outdoor community pools and kid-friendly splash pads? What do you order while you’re lazing at the pool club cabana? And, if you prefer to swim at home, what’s the future of backyard pool construction? In the Weekly’s official pool guide, we answer all these questions and more so you can get your swim on.

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