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The borough that birthed the global hipster phenomenon...

A neighbourhood guide to Brooklyn

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Location: NY-New York City

Story Date: 12/28/2019

Author: David Farley

It’s hard to imagine now, but there was a time when Brooklyn was a common punchline for New Yorkers. It was the butt of jokes in Woody Allen films and in the ’90s sitcom Seinfeld, considered uncouth vis-à-vis Manhattan’s cosmopolitan cool. But all that’s changed. Artists began flocking across the East River 25 years ago, seeking cheaper rents — and hip restaurants, bars, cafes, and art galleries followed. Today it’s the global epitome of cool, and ‘Brooklyn’ is slapped across artisanal food and drink labels. Neighbourhoods like Williamsburg, Bushwick and Park Slope have long been on in-the-know visitors’ radars, now Brooklyn’s DIY aesthetic is spreading across the borough into other districts.

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