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These outstanding restaurants will make the romance easy

The Most Romantic Hawaiian Restaurants

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Location: HI-Hawaii (All Islands)

Story Date: 12/5/2019

Author: Mark Stock

The fact that Hawaii is inherently romantic is yesterday’s news. Couples have long fanned their mutual flame to the tune of the islands’ plethora of stunning beaches, lovely small towns, and a climate that asks little more of you than your favorite swimsuit. A good meal in Hawaii can take an already intimate experience to new heights. It’s a parade for the senses and an occasion you won’t soon forget. And because the place is a true destination, it’s been in the crosshairs of great culinary minds for a while now. That translates to a meal that can stand up to both landmark dates (honeymoons, anniversaries, etc.) and the dazzling surroundings (the lapping of the ocean, the whisper of palm fronds in a warm breeze).

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Story Category: Romance