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Places serving up an excellent unconventional brunch

We hate brunch. But we love these 10 brunch spots

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Location: CA-San Diego

Story Date: 8/8/2019

Publisher: San Diego Union-Tribune   

Author: Michele Parente, Pam Kragen

Maybe it’s just a pretext for day drinking, or an excuse to load up on carbs, or a guilt-free way to sleep late and laze about every Sunday. Whatever is fueling the brunch craze — at least a decade in and showing no signs of ebbing — it can’t be the hackneyed Hollandaise being ladled out by the bucketful, the cheap O.J. and even cheaper bubbly being endlessly poured, or the cringe-inducing colossal portions. And don’t even get us started on the lines to get in or the bloated prices and — can we all say jump the shark? — bloody Marys garnished with pizza, burgers or fried chicken.

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