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There's a new pastry hybrid in town

Meet The Cretzel, The Croissant-Pretzel Hybrid At The Line Hotel

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Location: DC-Washington, D.C.

Story Date: 8/27/2019

Publisher: DCist   

Author: Lori McCue

2013 brought us the doissant (don’t call it a cronut), and 2017 saw the birth of the bagel doughnut. Now there’s a new hybrid pastry in town: the cretzel inside the pastry case at The Cup We All Race 4 at The Line hotel. It sure looks like a pretzel, one of those big soft ones from the mall, but it’s twisted from strips of buttery, laminated croissant dough. The exterior is plenty flaky (our office taste test coated my desk in a healthy dusting of flaky crumbs), but each bite has a surprisingly tender core, much like the interior of a typical croissants in a bigger, crescent shape. Like their mass market inspiration, they come in savory or sweet options: sprinkled with local salt and sesame seeds, or dusted in cinnamon sugar.

Place Category: Food & Drink and Lodging

Story Category: More Unique Than Usual