In New Orleans for Mardi Gras? Save room for a trip to the Li'l Dizzy's Café buffet
Want a real taste of NOLA on both your plate & surroundings?

The scene: Li’l Dizzy's Café looks like it has been part of New Orleans' Treme neighborhood – located just five blocks from the French Quarter – forever. But it's only 15 years old, which makes it relatively young by New Orleans standards. Perhaps the reason it feels like such a landmark is its owners' deep roots in the local restaurant community and their dedication to preserving its Creole-Soul culinary traditions. In any case, Li'l Dizzy's is a neighborhood institution that is equally popular with couples, families, co-workers on lunch breaks and even local political figures. It's also a surprisingly good choice for solo travelers.

Larry Olmsted
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LA-New Orleans
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Food & Drink
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Review of a Place