Berkeley Might Be the Best Place to Be a Pizza Lover in the Bay Area
Here's where to try out the so-called best pizza in the Bay Area.

The Berkeley culinary scene is renowned for many things. There’s Chez Panisse, the grande dame of Berkeley restaurants, which has spun off a number of talented chefs in its 50-plus years on Shattuck Avenue. There’s the amazing variety of produce available at local purveyors, such as Berkeley Bowl and Monterey Market. And now there’s a new culinary arena about to take off for the city: its pizza scene, which has seen high-profile pizzaiolos open up shop in recent years, adding to the contributions of stalwarts who have held it down for years. There’s no one single reason that’s lured pizza makers to Berkeley, but a diverse mix of styles has established Berkeley as a pizza enclave that rivals San Francisco — and the broader food scene is all the richer for it. Rose Pizzeria co-owner Gerad Gobel puts it this way: “Berkeley has much better pizza than it has any right to have.”

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