Inside the Air and Space Museum's $1 Billion Renovation
Nearly four years into the top-to-bottom renovation - like new!

Almost four years into a seven-year, roughly $1 billion renovation, the National Air and Space Museum will reopen eight of its 23 exhibits on October 14. With every single gallery redesigned, and more than $700 million of the total eventually put into structural upgrades, it’ll practically be a new museum, says director Chris Browne. By the time it’s finished, more diverse voices, 1,400 new objects on display, and interactive forms of storytelling (think a pinball game and an immersive “walkable” solar system) will retell the story of air and space. Yet with artifacts literally the size of jet planes, renovation is no small feat. Here’s a peek behind the scenes.

Washingtonian Magazine
Jessica Ruf
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