The 9 Best Dim Sum Restaurants In LA
Spin that lazy susan—these are the 9 best dim sum restaurants in LA!

As anyone who has spent the better part of an hour waiting for a table on a Saturday morning can tell you, LA—particularly the San Gabriel Valley—takes its dim sum seriously. We're blessed out here with some of the country's best dim sum restaurants. Generally, they fall into three categories: upscale banquet halls where you order off a menu, takeout operations that sell boxes of affordable dumplings and buns to-go, and the handful of remaining old-school spots that still offer roving cart service. As always, we've got you covered on all fronts. So pour a pot of chrysanthemum tea, grab a side of hot mustard, and spin that lazy susan—tg

Garrett Snyder, Brant Cox, Fiona Chandra & Sylvio Martins
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