Based on the California palate, which is middle Eastern, Southern European

San Diego's Cucina Urbana founder makes a culinary pivot: She will open a Jewish deli this month - The San Diego Union-Tribune

Trailblazing restaurateur Tracy Borkum, known for her portfolio of California Italian eateries, is introducing Gold Finch, her modern take on the Jewish deli

These four shops go beyond the basic drink

4 Extraordinary Boba Shops to Know in Southern California

It’s hard to count how many shops in Los Angeles and Orange County serve boba, but the number has to be in the hundreds, if not the thousands. With so many places to get the coveted drink, it’s often ... Read more

Zen-like gardens and chill vibes, perfect for outdoor drinking and dining

5 standout places to eat and drink outside in San Francisco

To prepare for San Francisco's sunny days following summer's end, SFGATE's food team went in search of the city's most inviting patios to soak up the sun, while also enjoying a few cold ones.

Do you crave pancakes, waffles, omelets, pastries? All?

5 Standout Breakfast Spots to Try in Metro Phoenix

Our food writers have been on the breakfast beat for a few months now. We've been scoping out the scene of a.m. eats here in the Valley, dishing on non-obvious places where you can start the day right... Read more

More than 550 paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs

Always a collector, Cheech Marin brings his art to Riverside

Growing up, Cheech Marin was always a collector. It started with marbles. Later on, it was baseball cards, then eventually stamps. Now, at 75, he’s collected enough art to fill an entire museum.... Read more

Take a serene tour of a stunning place

Capitol Reef National Park, Utah, USA in 4K Ultra HD

Capitol Reef National Park is one of the many jewels of Southern Utah. It has incredible geological variety and mesmerizing desert scenery, it is rich to rock formations, domes, mesas, monolyths, arches, hiking trails.

It’s a rum-fueled tropical escape perfect for this chilly winter

Winter warm-up: 5 new Bay Area tiki bars are adding a splash of innovation

As the modern tiki bar revival continues its colorful spread across the Bay Area, it brings bright cocktails and island vibes inspired by Donn Beach and Oakland’s own Victor Bergeron to pandemic patrons from San Jose to Oakland and Napa.

Raise a glass in the shadow of the Hollywood Hills at these glamorous bars

The 26 Best Rooftops in Los Angeles to Enjoy a Cocktail and a View

Los Angeles is internationally renowned for its iconic entertainment scene, diverse cuisine, and sublime weather–so why not combine all three of these assets into one of the most enjoyed pastimes for Angelenos and visitors alike at a trendy rooftop bar?... Read more

Recommendations for the classics and newcomers for the S.D. morning scene

40 Places to Brunch Like You Mean It

Whether you’re coming off a late night out or an early morning hike, the remedy to your cravings is served between 10 and 2, on the weekends, with bottomless bloody marys or coffee. Here are over 40 o... Read more

New rides, new experiences, & still a place for kids to bring their adults

First Look at California's The Lego Movie World

Karma mocks parents who try to comfort their children before a theme park ride. Woe unto any dad or mom who attempts to convince their wide-eyed child that "nothing's going to go wrong" when the number-one trope in the theme park industry is "...and then everything goes horribly wrong."

We're making #hotpotsummer a thing

6 Hot Pots to Eat Next and How to Order Them

’Tis the season to beat the heat, and there’s no better way than to fight fire with fire, by eating hot food on a hot day! Whether the heat comes from the spice, temperature, or both, consuming food that makes you sweat has been scientifically proven to cool the body down more than a bowl of ice cream (although we won’t say no to that, either).... Read more

From subtropical species to succulents, botanical gardens offer floral fun

Best Botanical Gardens In The U.S.

TravelAwaits readers voted in our 2021 Best of Travel Awards to help us determine everything from the best beaches to the friendliest small towns. Our readers have spoken. Here are the best botanical gardens in the United States.

20,000 sqft social hangout features a bar, coffee shop, lawn games and more

A massive dog - and dog owner - paradise is opening in San Diego

San Diego dog owners are getting a sprawling social destination to take their pets — and the spot is unlike any other dog park or party place in the city. The new 20,000 square-foot business is called The Dog Society and it’s built for the enjoyment of both dogs and their humans.... Read more

From New England to the Pacific NW, design-forward beach escapes

These 10 Coastal Hotels Ooze Made-in-America Charm

Jumping the waves. Lobster roll picnics at the beach. Sunset boating. For many, nothing says summer like being on the water. As life pivots to something resembling normalcy, it’s time to tap into old-fashioned on-the-shore fun at some of America’s top coastal retreats.

Sometimes the best places to get food are the least assuming

Tony Hawk and a Line Cook Tour Hidden Burger Gems

Sometimes the best burgers are in the places where you least expect to find them. On today’s treasure hunt, skate legend Tony Hawk, Alvin Cailan, and Alvin's line cook, Christian Alquiza, are gonna tour some hidden gems of the burger world.... Read more

From stone-fruit panna cotta to crackling roast pork, new dining options

The Most Exciting Place to Eat in Los Angeles Is Chinatown

The zong are treasures, wrapped in bamboo leaves and tucked in the fridge at Pearl River Deli. Warm them up, and each parcel goes tender, the sticky rice shining with a sweet, delicious fat that filters through a cache of Chinese sausage, dried shrimp, mung beans, peanuts and salted egg yolk.... Read more

You have been ordered to assemble at the Avengers Campus!

Disney’s Avengers Theme Park Is Nerdy in the Mighty Marvel Manner

The Walt Disney Company’s latest theme park creation opens Friday at Disney California Adventure in Anaheim, California and every corner of it is filled with winks and nods to all things Marvel. But the film, TV, and theme park giant’s new “Avengers Campus” won me over when I saw the Lego Death Star.

From beers in a Baltimore church to Negronis at noon in San Diego

The Best Bars in America, 2021

On April fifteenth, at 8:42 p.m., I had a drink. Not on Zoom. Not alone on my couch. Not outside, under a heat lamp. Nope. Inside, on a stool, at the actual, physical bar. For the first time in more than a year. To sit shoulder to shoulder with friends again, chatting with the bartender about esoteric spirits, hearing the laughter of strangers—it felt new and raw.... Read more

From beach, to desert, to Africa (sort of), to being on a lake & farm

The Best Day Trips from LA When You Need to Escape

If your neighborhood bubble isn’t cutting it anymore and you’re itching for a getaway that won’t take an overnight, there are no shortage of day trips from Los Angeles! From beachside boardwalks to aerial trams, LA’s got plenty of great destinations that you can visit—and still get back home by bedtime. Read on for the best day trips from Los Angeles.

In the age of Amazon and e-books, independent bookstores remain important

Inside the World’s Most Beloved Independent Bookstores

Is there any more pleasant way to while away an afternoon than browsing the shelves of an independent bookstore and adding a few new finds to your to-be-read pile? Throughout history, bookstores have been more than places to pick up the latest title: They are places to meet, to learn, and to plan social revolutions.... Read more

An RV family of five touring the U.S. looking for great places to visit

10 BEST UNDERRATED National Parks in the USA

With so many beautiful national parks in the USA, its hard to make a bucket list of favorites. After traveling Americas lower 48 states and national parks, we have decided to share this list of amazing and underrated National Parks.

Named after European mineral waters, a very water oriented town

Visiting Carlsbad with kids: why Carlsbad California is perfect for a family vacation

One of our favorite beach destinations for families in California is the delightful city of Carlsbad. A laid-back village on the fabulous Pacific Coast, Carlsbad is located just to the north of San Diego. It ... Read more

3 themes: volcanoes, Sierras splendor and Michelin stars

Three World-Class Northern California Road Trips for When You’re Ready to Leave SF

There’s a happy medium between isolation and a mosh pit — and while we eagerly anticipate the return of the latter, we’re more about that middle point right now, especially as it relates to travel. We’re still going to be taking a pass on those middle seats for a bit. Mea... Read more

One of the earliest made dairy products - does that make it G.O.A.T.?

The untold story of the woman who changed California goat cheese forever

Forty years ago, the U.S. was a goat cheese wasteland. Outside of Europe, goat cheese — not to mention goat milk, goat kefir, and goat yogurt — simply didn’t exist. But in 1978, a small farm in Sebastopol and its owner, Jennifer Bice, changed everything.

Europe surrounds us in L.A.. But not all Euro substitutes are created equal

When L.A. impersonates Europe: We rank 21 local places

How wanderlusty are we getting in Southern California, while debate flares over Europe’s readiness for American tourists? Well, I’m sitting at home trying to decide which continental stand-in made me happier, a croque monsieur in Los Feliz or a gondola ride in Long Beach.

Is the Left Coast the best coast for public golf?

Top 100 courses trip planner: 5 incredible West Coast golf trips

Golf can be seriously private, but GOLF’s list of Top 100 Courses You Can Play is not. This year, our expert group of course raters sat down with a simple goal: to build a list of the greatest courses you (yes, you) can tee it up at in a moment’s notice. The... Read more

Let’s get ready to mangia!

15 of the Best Italian Restaurants in the U.S.

Are you craving some hand-made pasta, a bottle of Barolo, and maybe a little tiramisu to cap it all off? Luckily, you don’t have to go all the way to Italy in order to sample some of this exquisite cuisine. The United States is home to some incredible Italian restaurants where all you need is one bite to transport you from Bologna to Sicily.

Take a dip like never before in one of these sweeping swimming pools

Take a Look at the 7 Biggest Hotel Pools in America

Planning a wedding and organizing a vacation share few commonalities, but both processes start at the same place: the venue, which, more often than not, is a hotel. After all, hotels—whether they're in the middle of the Pacific or a bustling city—are like giant playgrounds for adults with plenty of activities on offer. One ... Read more

Less-crowded but not less beautiful, and worthy of a visit

9 Underrated National Parks You Should Visit in 2021

With 63 U.S. national parks spanning a variety of ecosystems, the U.S. National Park System offers seemingly endless opportunities for outdoor adventure. Yet most visitors tend to gravitate toward our most iconic and well-known ones. In 2... Read more

From a mountain lodge in Yosemite to a resort in glowing expanse of desert

Three World-Class Southern California Road Trips for When You’re Ready to Leave LA

Only a few hours down the highway from coastal havens, mountains, and deserts, LA is just close enough to the wilderness to make things interesting. And never has a road trip been more appealing than durin... Read more

With a nickname of "Midway Magic", this ship has a lot of stories

A Look Inside the USS Midway

Take a look inside the longest running aircraft carrier of the 20th century, the USS Midway CV-41. This retired aircraft carrier is now a ship museum located in San Diego, CA.

These are the must-eat, must-drink menu items to try

8 Iconic San Francisco Eats (and Drinks) That Every Visitor Needs to Try

As the song goes, "If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair." We're going to amend that statement to say that you should also be sure to bring some stretchy pants. That's because San Francisco is a culinary mecca on par with some of the greatest cities in the world. From... Read more

They built a second speakeasy even deeper into the guts of the building

First Look: Neighborhood/Noble Experiment/Youngblood

“Economically, it’s a completely irrational move,” says Arsalun Tafazoli. “We actually shrunk it.” He gutted Neighborhood, where it all started. He spent far too much money on a softcore carpet from Paris. One ... Read more

Each national park features at least one iconic lodge

Four seasons, four stunning national parks

If ever there stood a testament to the resurgent popularity of America’s national parks, it might be found in the two-hour-long spring break line of vehicles stretching outside the Grand Canyon’s South Rim entrance. For ... Read more

Five Vegas Golden Knights players open a restaurant

Wolfgang Puck Players Locker lights the lamp in Downtown Summerlin

The upscale “sports restaurant” (don’t call it a sports bar) offers a classy take on the practice of eating and drinking while watching feats of athleticism. Televisions, famed Knights sweaters and bl... Read more

It's hard to argue against a massive tub of pulled pork, sauce and a fork

The LAist BBQpedia: An In-Depth Guide To LA's Many Varieties of Barbecue And Where To Find Them — Vol. 1

About halfway through the episode of Chef's Table: BBQ about Tootsie Tomanetz of the legendary Snow's BBQ, Daniel Vaughn, Barbecue Editor at Texas Monthly, says, "In Texas barbecue, the pitmasters are willing to tell you everything that they do to the meat, and then they'll sit back and be like, 'Well, good luck.'" It's ... Read more

It's no sin to stay at a brand new resort

Coming Soon: Las Vegas Strip Gets First New Resort in a Decade

The Las Vegas Strip is poised to get its first new resort in over a decade when the doors of the $4.3 billion Resorts World Las Vegas open on June 24. The 3,500-key resort, part of Hilton Honors, promises more than 40 food and drink choices that range from food-truc... Read more

A treasure trove of natural wonders

7 Fantastic East Coast National Parks to visit with kids for a perfect family getaway

East Coast National Parks for kids perfect for an East Coast family vacation in some of the US most beautiful spots.

signature combination of state-of-the-art games and cuisine

North Austin racks up hip new bowling alley and entertainment center

A Dallas-based group is hoping to bowl Austin over with its signature combination of state-of-the-art games and chef-inspired cuisine. Pinstack, a popular metroplex entertainment concept with location... Read more

Being Hawaiʻi, you may need to island hop some, but the rewards are great

The 5 Best National Parks in Hawaiʻi in 2021

Hawaiʻi boasts nine national parks, from the site of an attack that launched the U.S. into World War II to areas sacred to Native Hawaiians. These important sites are great places for visitors to explore and learn more about Hawaiʻi’s unique history and culture. (And it’s great week to do it—it’s National Park Week!) Here are the Top 5 national parks in the Hawaiian Islands in 2... Read more

Sometimes you don't want to ruff your accommodations - stay here

National Parks With Dog-Friendly Cabins

Is visiting a national park with Fido on your bucket list? Many of our national parks can seem a bit dog-unfriendly at first glance due to restrictions implemented to protect undisturbed natural areas, wildlife, and park visitors. Pets are generally allowed in developed areas, some campgrounds and l... Read more

Considered a form of agritourism, giving city folk a taste of the country

Dude Ranches Offer an Oasis of Western Tradition in a Turbulent World

An hour and a half south from Bozeman, Mont., surrounded by millions of acres of national forest, Nine Quarter Circle Ranch has endured for more than a century. First homesteaded in the 1890s as a working cattle farm, it joined a growing number of properties across the West when, in 1912, it welcomed its first guest. It’s... Read more

The Experience at Farmlinks is a destination course like no other

The World-Class Golf Course Where Greenskeepers Go to Sample New Products

Alabama has a long golf tradition, boasting 11 courses created by famed architect Robert Trent Jones Sr. across the state. But there’s one course in particular, near the rural town of Sylacauga, that should be added to any golfer’s wish list.

NYC romantic spots ripe for love and impending marriage

The 10 best places in NYC to propose

Some people think Valentine’s Day is a good day for a proposal, but those people are wrong. Valentine’s Day is a holiday that belongs to Hallmark, but the day you propose is one that belongs to you, w... Read more

Once belonged to a Hawaiʻi heiress is well worth visiting

New and Notable Reasons to Visit Doris Duke's Shangri La Estate

Nestled on the slopes of Oʻahu’s famous Diamond Head is an unexpected and opulent treasure: the estate-turned-museum of billionaire American heiress and philanthropist Doris Duke, once dubbed “the ric... Read more

Can you love Nashville if you're not a country music fan?

Why Nashville is the noisiest city in the US

Broadway at sundown. No, not that Broadway – I mean the one screaming through the centre of downtown Nashville, Tennessee. I’m standing on the second-floor balcony of the bombastic, three-level Honky ... Read more

Plenty of delights on a weekend jaunt around Pacific NW

Find Wine, Whales, and Water Adventures in Washington’s Scenic Puget Sound

There’s no denying the natural beauty of Washington’s Puget Sound region, with its serene waters and lush evergreen forests against the backdrop of towering mountains freshly dusted with snow. As Seat... Read more

Robynne Maii's hometown favorites

9 Restaurants You Have to Try in Honolulu

Honolulu-born chef Robynne Maii opened her first restaurant Fête, along with her husband Chuck Bussler, in 2015. Over the past five years, Fête’s approach to seasonal New American cuisine (think: meye... Read more

The strangest place in San Francisco to eat

Sail on, Silver Girl

Everything at the Silver Crest Donut Shop is out of order: the bathroom, the other bathroom, and the jukebox. Even the mini-jukeboxes on the counter have napkins stuffed in the coin slots. If you need... Read more

Morrison Market isn't totally up and running yet - go now!

Look inside Morrison Market, the new food hall in Southeast Portland

There’s a new food hall in Southeast Portland, and you might not have noticed even if you walked by. EaterPDX first reported on the “mysterious” website-less hall on Southeast 10th Avenue between Morr... Read more

In keeping with its décor, the food is fun - and funky

Mexican joint Más Por Favor brings new tastes to Chinatown

Local nightlife gurus Ryan Labbe, Jason “JRoc” Craig and Jai Shaun White know how to take a simple nightlife or dining concept and turn it on its head, and that’s exactly what they’ve done with Más Po... Read more

Bouldering gym, Hood River Hotel upgrades, & new beer

Hood River’s Offseason Keeps Getting Better

For the small percentage of Hood River’s winter visitors who aren’t powder hounds, options can feel limited. During the sleepy season, only the most hardcore wind sports fans are out on the water, bun... Read more

The Commonwealth is a treasure trove of odd things

Weird and wonderful Massachusetts: Here’s where to find it

Planning some fun outings for the next school break? Look no farther than our own backyard. Yes, mom and dad, grandparents and guardians, the Commonwealth is a treasure trove of all things weird — and... Read more

Amusement parks of all sizes, for fun seekers of all sizes

Top Theme Parks and Amusement Parks in New York State

As the home of Coney Island, the state of New York lays claim to one of the world's first and most famous amusement hubs. Brooklyn's venerable seaside fun center is still chugging along after all these years. And... Read more

If you have 24 hours or less in the city by the bay, go here

How To Spend An Amazing Day In San Francisco

San Francisco carries a unique feel, with restaurants, stores, and apartments perched along steep hills. It’s surrounded on three sides by water, and ferries and fishing boats crisscross the bay. Clan... Read more

“This is a multi-act journey,” said Disney

Rise of the Resistance Is Much More Than Just a Star Wars Ride

There’s no doubt that stepping into Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge feels like you’re stepping into the Star Wars universe. But up until now, that’s been a mostly passive experience. Starting today, it’s anyth... Read more

Want a real taste of NOLA on both your plate & surroundings?

In New Orleans for Mardi Gras? Save room for a trip to the Li'l Dizzy's Café buffet

The scene: Li’l Dizzy's Café looks like it has been part of New Orleans' Treme neighborhood – located just five blocks from the French Quarter – forever. But it's only 15 years old, which makes it rel... Read more

One hundred floors up, and over 1,100 feet in the air...

Highest sky deck in Western Hemisphere dares visitors to live on the edge

Hudson Yards still has a trick or two up its sleeve. On Wednesday, the development in Manhattan's far West side, marked by shiny high-rise buildings and the Vessel, a curiously-shaped landmark with a ... Read more

A slice of private forest amid the urban jungle

These Are America's Most Gorgeous Botanical Gardens

None of us are doing much traveling right now, but one of the few finer things in life that remain (somewhat) accessible and still offer six feet of distance between people are our green spaces. While our country has some awe-inspiring... Read more

“I’ve had people crying over [vegan] food like this”

Vegan Jewish deli opens in Uptown, plus more Chicago restaurant openings

Longacre Pizza Squared was never meant to be a permanent business for Andy and Gina Kalish. The Detroit-style pizza place was supposed to a be a one-year filler restaurant for... Read more

Mo's House of Axe brings together tools, beer and barbecue

Put Your Ax Into It, at This Los Angeles Restaurant

It’s amazing how quickly you get used to an ax in your hands. Swinging it up over your head, letting the blade hang against your back, pitching it into a spin, and, if you get it just right, your priz... Read more

Famous dishes being created by famous chefs

Morsels: OC is a hotbed for Bravo’s Top Chefs

The Emmy-winning “Top Chef” debuts its 17th season on March 19 at 10 p.m. on Bravo. The show, which was filmed in L.A., features previous contestants such as Brian Malarkey. The chef recently opened H... Read more

Pandan & coconut flavored toast, jiggly soufflé pancakes

5 Asian-inspired toasts, pancakes and waffles to try in the East Bay

Recently, we’ve noticed a host of pop-ups and restaurants serving Asian-inflected sweet toasts and breakfast-inspired desserts. In the East Bay, those include tempting menu items like jiggly Japanese-... Read more

Fried rice, duck bao buns, & late night cocktails are coming

First Look: Mei Mei, a Modern Taiwanese Restaurant in Old City

On March 12th, Old City will welcome Mei Mei, a Taiwanese restaurant and lounge concept from owner and executive chef Jay Ho. The food, he says, is “nostalgic” – inspired by Taiwanese food, but not bo... Read more

Sometimes you just want a dessert you know you like

5 comfort desserts that go beyond the ordinary

Breakfast cinnamon rolls any time of day. S'mores inside a Chippewa Street bar. Churros overlooking the waterfront. There are so many comforting, delicious desserts to indulge in throughout Buffalo. H... Read more

A sampling of some ramen that warmed our hearts

A guide to Portland’s best ramen restaurants

Enjoying a bowl of ramen in Portland, Ore., a decade ago meant a trip to the supermarket for dehydrated instant noodles. But within the last few years, the City of Roses has become the City of Ramen a... Read more

Snag a slice of some of the tastiest pies around

Here's nine of the hottest pizzas in Vegas

Here’s some piping-hot foodie news: Las Vegas has become a world-class pizza city to rival famous pie towns like New York, Chicago, Rome and Naples. From the Strip to Downtown, skilled pizzaioli are b... Read more

Dispensing Italian drinking snacks on a fleet of carts

Carrello Is How Nathan Lockwood Rolls

OUR SERVER SO CLEARLY reveled in the suspense. “I can’t tell you what’s coming, because I don’t really know,” he exclaimed with jaunty glee after he sidled up to our table pushing a handsome brown car... Read more

An unexpected combo of superb cocktails, excellent pasta...

Quiora Brings an Unexpected Combination of Cocktails, Rustic Italian Fare and a Killer View

It’s the shrimp that do us in. We’re at Quiora, the Ritz-Carlton Residences’ open-air Italian eatery seven floors above Waikīkī, so we’re expecting a certain level of posh. Unlike La Vie, the nearby F... Read more

A heady mix of food, wine, whiskey, cocktails, and theater

Review: Century Grand - the Highest-Velocity Bar Eats in Town

Century Grand might be one of the most exceptional food and drink experiences in town. In the long space with a 1920s railway theme, more than 500 whiskey bottles await in The Grey Hen, or restaurant ... Read more

A night out or a couple's getaway, these are the best ideas

Things to Do at Disney World For Adults

Going to Walt Disney World as an adult without kids can seem daunting. What is there to do besides see Mickey, ride Space Mountain, and eat Mickey-shaped treats all day long? For adults, there's actua... Read more

Upscale sports bar looks to offer better assortment of bites

Restaurant Review: Provision

Athletic feats limited to my 10-year-old’s soccer team, I’ve never found the proper motivation for patronizing sports bars. But when someone described Albert Gonzalez’s (Grizzelda’s) newest concept, P... Read more

An inherited pizza oven + ramen expertise = new food to try

Tonari delivers pasta and pizza as only the Japanese can

The reason you’re eating Japanese-inflected Italian food from the trio behind some of Washington’s most popular ramen stops boils down to a design feature they inherited from the Chinatown restaurant ... Read more

Vietnamese-inspired restaurant celebrates fresh herbs & more

Nightshade Noodle Bar takes root in Lynn

The food arrives, lush with fresh herbs, mint and cilantro gradually releasing their crispness into hot broth amid a tangle of noodles. Rau ram, or Vietnamese coriander, creeps up the side of a bowl l... Read more

Troy Johnson’s month-long quest for the Mexican specialty

The Best Birria in San Diego

It was inevitable. One of Mexican cuisine’s greatest hits has finally started to sweep the U.S. Ladle it on a crispy quesadilla. Nuzzle it into a taco. Or just serve it steaming in its own stark beaut... Read more