Healthy(ish) is also synonymous with Delish(ish)

The Ultimate Guide to Healthy(ish) Eats in San Francisco

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Location: CA-San Francisco

Story Date: 11/26/2018

Publisher: 7x7   

Author: Kale Junkie

San Francisco is a true foodie heaven. We are lucky to have access to the freshest ingredients pretty much year-round, and farmers come from all over the Bay Area to showcase their beautiful produce at our farmers markets. But why is it so hard to find healthy-ish spots to eat and drink? We like to think we're at the cutting edge of cuisine, but often what's trending restaurant-wise doesn't satisfy our daily need for simple, casual, good-for-you food. So, I've spent a lot of time exploring and eating everywhere in order to find my own go-to spots. Say hello to your one-stop guide to healthy dining in San Francisco, from matcha and the perfect almond milk latte to delicious smoothies, bone broth, the OG toast spot, and the best salad around town.

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