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Concoctions that are icy, spicy, sweet and sour flavor bombs

7 Of LA's Best Mangonadas

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Location: CA-Los Angeles

Story Date: 10/4/2019

Publisher: LAist   

Author: Stephanie Aceves

Behold the mangonada. This magnificent Mexican concoction takes the humble mango and spins the dial to 11, transforming its healthy, juicy goodness into an icy, spicy, sweet and sour flavor bomb. Although the mangonada goes by different names — chamoyada, diablito, vampiro, chamango — and has many variations, its core elements remain the same. It always involves something frozen (usually shaved ice or mango sorbet), chamoy (the popular Mexican sauce made from a blend of pickled fruits), chilies and lime juice. These ingredients are layered then topped with spicy tamarind candies, chunks of fresh mango and a dusting of life-giving Tajín.

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