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The Guadalajara-style tortas and tacos are worth a try

Soup is the Star at Tortas Ahogadas Mi Barrio

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Location: CA-San Francisco

Story Date: 12/19/2018

Author: Katherine Hamilton

The menu at Tortas Ahogadas Mi Barrio takes up nearly half a wall of the restaurant, but most customers order only two things: the namesake torta ahogada and the tacos dorados. In fact, on weekends during lunchtime, you'll see groups of families and friends showing up — sometimes to lines outside the door — for these Guadalajaran specialties at the Fruitvale restaurant. As the cooks work non-stop in the open kitchen, they ladle spoonful after spoonful of red tomato sauce from an industrial sized-bucket over the tortas and tacos. Some customers go for a whole torta, while some get an entire plate of tacos dorados. Others split the difference with half a torta and a couple tacos dorados.

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