The family that froze taquitos is back to save them

The Taquito Makes a Comeback

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Location: CA-San Diego

Story Date: 6/22/2018

Publisher: San Diego Magazine   

Author: Troy Johnson

I remember sitting down to my first plate of them. It was at Roberto’s, in Del Mar, near Torrey Pines Beach. The sun was shining and cherubs tanned themselves nearby. They were perfect. Just three cigars of Mexican-ish food. Tender meat lovingly rolled in tortilla shells, deep-fried, and then topped with an irrational amount of cheese and guacamole and sour cream and hot sauce. I think there was lettuce there, too. That pale lettuce that looks like real lettuce got frightened and all the color drained out of it.

Place Category: Food & Drink

Story Category: Editor Picks