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Phillies best serving pizza, pasta, ravioli, lasagna, & more

Where to Eat Italian in Philadelphia: The Ultimate Guide

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Location: PA-Philadelphia

Story Date: 10/24/2019

Publisher: Philadelphia Magazine   

Author: Jason Sheehan

Italian is Philly’s mother cuisine. It’s what we have done best the longest. Whether you’re talking about world-beating destination restaurants or little neighborhood temples to red gravy and veal parm, pasta joints are woven tight into our culinary DNA. And while we understand that everyone who eats in this town already has their favorites for every occasion, we also get that sometimes it’s good to stretch a little. To go somewhere different and try something new. And as hard as it is to keep up with all the history and change in every other part of Philly’s restaurant scene, keeping track of Philly’s best Italian food is almost impossible.

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