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Opened because there was a lack of good Filipino food

Turo-Turo Dining at Manila Manila

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Location: WA-Seattle

Story Date: 7/8/2018

Publisher: Gastrolust   

Author: Jay Friedman

Manila Manila is your place for a turo-turo experience. Turo-turo roughly translates to “point-point,” and that’s what you can do to order at the modest steam table facing the front of the store. But Mariela Fletcher, the “mom” of this true mom-and-pop shop, might not let you do that. Eager to feed you and eager to please, she will take you on a tour of the day’s food offerings, making suggestions to please your palate. “We cook food fresh every day,” she says (the “we” includes her husband Nick, who’s usually in the kitchen if he’s not out delivering food for the catering side of the business), adding, “We have different items on different days.”

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