Frunchroom 5696

In tight quarters in Portage Park, delivering lots of qualit

Frunchroom is the Jewish-Italian deli you didn’t know you needed in your life

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Location: IL-Chicago

Story Date: 6/7/2018

Author: Mike Sula

A few weeks ago I called upon a well-known and outspoken chef for some expertise I needed for a story. But this chef wanted to talk about something else. The chef had just come from lunch at one of the celebrated new restaurants launched by a certain large and ever-spawning restaurant group, and before that dinner at a sprawling spinoff from another very prominent local group in town. "I hate what they've done to this industry!" raged the chef, referring to the forces behind the oft-anticipated Chicago restaurant bubble. "It's gonna come down, and you know what? It's all gonna come back to chefs opening their own little places on their own credit cards."

Place Category: Food & Drink

Story Category: Review of a Place