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Commerce on the border between North Dakota and Montana

'The Walmart of its day': Historic Fort Union Trading Post is worth a visit

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Location: ~ Midwest Region U.S.

Story Date: 3/27/2019

Publisher: USATODAY   

Author: Gary Garth

Fort Union was established in 1828, an outpost in almost as remote a spot as could be found on the seemingly endless northern plains. The fort was built on a high gravel bed flanking the north shore of the Missouri River, about a mile upstream from the confluence of the Missouri and Yellowstone rivers and a spot Meriwether Lewis and William Clark noted when they passed this way in April 1805. Today, the result of nearly two centuries of geologic grinding has pushed the Missouri more than a half-mile from where it once flowed near the fort’s entrance. The path of the old river bed remains visible.

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