Devils lake wisconsin

Aka "The City of Four Lakes", has a strong local food scene

Locals Know Best: Madison, Wisconsin

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Location: ~ Midwest Region U.S.

Story Date: 4/22/2019

Publisher: Budget Travel   

Author: Liza Weisstuch

There's no better guide to a city than someone who lives there, so we asked local news anchor Hannah Flood for her take on culture, food and drink on the town she calls home. Hannah Flood moved to Madison in 2015 to anchor the morning newscast at NBC15 WMTV, the local NBC affiliate. It didn’t take long for her to feel at home—which is especially convenient considering that a newscaster's job depends on knowing the people and places around the city. In the beginning, recommendations from co-workers came at her at lightening speed. But now she’s become so familiar with the area that she can offer her own in return. We checked in to hear her tips on how to make the most of your time in Wisconsin's vibrant capital city.

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