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For a small town Hilo’s food scene packs a big punch

Best Restaurants in Hilo, Hawaii's Culinary Gem

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Location: HI-Hawaii (All Islands)

Story Date: 11/8/2018

Publisher: Sunset   

Author: Jenn Rice

The produce is vibrant. The fish is as fresh as it gets. And even the meat is succulent. “Hawaii in general is so special because there is such a strong and unique food culture based on the rich history of immigrants coming here to work on the plantations—and over time their languages and food merging together to make something amazing,” says Soni Pomaski, co-owner and mixologist at Moon and Turtle. Hilo itself is seeing a resurrection because it has room to grow. “There is the opportunity to stand out and it’s appealing to entrepreneurs looking to create something different.” Stop in town for the day, or better yet, carve out an entire eating agenda in Hilo and post up at The Bay House for a sound night’s sleep (and the ultimate homemade breakfast). Here’s where you should eat right now.

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