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An Excellent Neighborhood Bar—With Delicious Drinks—Arrives in North Ballard

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Location: WA-Seattle

Story Date: 5/30/2019

Publisher: Seattle Magazine   

Author: AJ Rathbun

The boozy volume of Charles H. Baker’s 1939 duel-book treatise The Gentleman's Companion is a true classic in the cocktail realm (the food volume is swell, too). A globe-trotting bon vivant and writer, Baker traveled hither and yon sampling exotic drinks and eats and bringing them back through the written word to the U.S. He has been lauded and celebrated by many in our cocktail renaissance, and my guess is that since we have the best bartenders, most local shakers know him. And now, with the opening of Baker’s in the Sunset Hill area of northern Ballard, we have a bar named in his honor.

Place Category: Food & Drink

Story Category: New Places