Tiffinasha 034

"Have you ever had South Indian food?"

Tiffin Asha: South Indian Food Built on Passion and Justice

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Location: OR-Portland

Story Date: 7/4/2019

Publisher: Portland Mercury   

Author: Thomas Ross

"You’re just trying to impress a girl,” says Sheila Bommakanti, ostensibly to me but with her gaze on her wife, Elizabeth Golay, “and you end up with a restaurant.” The three of us are at the South Indian restaurant they own together, Tiffin Asha, where Golay is the chef. Though Golay had been a fan of Bommakanti’s band when they met, Bommakanti claims she used her heritage to lure the cook on a date. “I said”—she puts on a comically suave affect—“‘Have you ever had South Indian food?’”

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