Across 20,000 sqft, you'll find nearly 10 restaurant options

Japan Village in Industry City takes shopping for Asian groceries to another level

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Location: NY-New York City

Story Date: 12/17/2018

Author: Christine Chun

It opened with little fanfare last month, but the soft launch is no indication of quantity or quality: Japan Village is a massive mecca for Japanese food lovers. Across 20,000 square feet, the market-food hall hybrid is a one of a kind in NYC and offers yet another reason to travel to Sunset Park. Adding to the burgeoning Industry City — after two years in the works — Japan Village quietly welcomed customers on Nov. 17. But, within weeks, it was already enjoying a noisily crowded space and long lines, with patrons flocking for Asian grocery shopping taken to another level.

Place Category: Food & Drink and Shopping

Story Category: New Places