Kauai 4

An expanded brewery, with better seating area and menu

Lihue’s Kauai Beer Embodies Brewing with Aloha

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Location: HI-Hawaii (All Islands)

Story Date: 5/2/2019

Publisher: Hawaii Magazine   

Author: Catherine Toth Fox

“Here, try this.” That seems to be the common directive I hear whenever I step into a local brewpub. I’m not much of a drinker, but since my husband brews his own IPA at home, I’ve become accustomed to the invitation to sample frothy, hoppy, sometimes bitter, sometimes sour batches of beers. This is what homebrewers do—share their new brews with everyone, even nondrinkers like me, explaining, often in great detail, the process, the challenges, their hypotheses about why a certain batch turned out the way it did. It’s a science, they proclaim. But it’s also a craft.

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