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Hungry gamers can munch on pizza and nachos, & drink brew

Player 1 Video Game Bar pairs all-you-can-play machines with craft beer

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Location: NV-Las Vegas

Story Date: 10/24/2019

Publisher: Las Vegas Weekly   

Author: C. Moon Reed

The problem: A group of friends didn’t have access to a big enough house to play Call of Duty or Halo in the same room. The solution: Build a video game bar, with games galore, the space to play them and plenty of amenities. Seven years ago, Jeff Benoit opened Player 1 Video Game Bar in Orlando, Florida. It solved his space problem and more. “Orlando took off like a shot,” Benoit recalls. The timing felt perfect, he says, because a generation that grew up playing video games had come of age, ready to bring its hobby into the nightlife realm.

Place Category: Attraction and Food & Drink

Story Category: New Places