Glenstone would like visitors to slow down &experience art

This new museum doesn’t want Instagram or crowds. Does that make it elitist?

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Location: DC-Washington, D.C.

Story Date: 8/30/2018

Publisher: Washington Post   

Author: Philip Kennicott

There are contemporary museums harder to get to and more isolated than Glenstone, including one on a lonely island in Japan and another in a remote town in Texas. Some museums are invitation-only and function almost like private clubs. And there are several prominent institutions that focus on integrating culture with nature, inviting visitors not just to look at art, but luxuriate in landscape. But when Glenstone opens its new facility to the public next month in Potomac, Md., the art museum will do so at a moment when something new is stirring in the art world: a powerful sense that too many museums have become a victim of their own success, and a new paradigm for experiencing art is desperately needed.

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