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Eaton DC Hotel Opens with a Resistance-Chic Restaurant and Rooftop Bar

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Location: DC-Washington, D.C.

Story Date: 8/30/2018

Publisher: Washingtonian Magazine   

Author: Anna Spiegel

An hour before service at the new Eaton DC hotel, Tim Ma did something that only a chef who’s headlining a property dubbed “a resistance-chic hotel”and “the anti-Trump hotel” would do. He took a sound bath. “Normally at 4:30, I’m scrambling and screaming, but it was really nice,” says Ma of the ancient (and now trendy) wellness ritual of soothing Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, and harmonizing crystals. “We should practice what we preach. How can we change the narrative of how cooks are treated these days?”

Place Category: Food & Drink and Lodging

Story Category: New Places