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Maui Thing boutique’s colorful, iconic graphics celebrate HI

Modern island designs for anyone who loves Maui

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Location: HI-Hawaii (All Islands)

Story Date: 8/2/2018

Publisher: Hawaii Magazine   

Author: Ilima Loomis

It takes a moment before I see the outline of the island of Maui in the octopus logo of Maui Thing, and then, of course, there it is—I can’t not see it anymore. I’m standing just inside the doorway of the Wailuku-based casualwear company’s retail store and the tentacled logo is everywhere, slithering from tank tops to tote bags, ball caps to dresses, evoking the brand’s motto of determined positivity, “Stuck on Good.” The hidden silhouette is an inside joke for the eagle-eyed, but also a sly call-out to Maui Thing’s spiritual muse: the island itself.

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