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An interior that is blissfully soothing, serving Brazilian

Boteco in Las Vegas serves world of diversity on ‘tapas’

Las Vegas Review-Journal    11/18/2017

It’s bordering on an embarrassment of riches, although the Southern Nevada dining community could be forgiven for feeling smug at the whole series of great little spots opening across the valley. One of the more recent arrivals is Boteco in Henderson, which opened in May with executive chef Rachel...



Their “fish and chips” uses culinary sleight of hand

Review: Portsmith adds to Chicago's seafood bounty

Chicago Tribune    11/3/2017

Portsmith is an underappreciated jewel of a restaurant in River North. Opened in late August in the Dana Hotel, Portsmith is a fine-dining seafooder that can hold its own with such neighborhood stalwarts as Shaw’s Crab House and GT Fish & Oyster. I’ll qualify that endorsement only slightly, because, over several visits, I’ve yet to experience a busy night. Portsmith apparently draws a strong weekend...


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These places are still solid. We just had to stop somewhere.

10 restaurants that almost made it into Tom Sietsema’s Fall Dining Guide

Washington Post    10/12/2017

If you’re looking for a favorite restaurant that didn’t make it into the 2017 Fall Dining Guide, its absence might be explained by the attention it got in the spring guide, the fresh competition it faces, or the reality that we had to stop somewhere. Among the places that remain high on my list of...


Saozimian qin west

Shaanxi has endless spices & aromatic wide noodles

This Regional Chinese Cuisine Is What’s Missing from Your Life

Los Angeles Magazine    10/26/2017

Beijing’s celebrated Peking duck. Char siu bao of Cantonese dim sum fame. And, of course, Sichuan’s Kung Pao chicken. In the Chinese cuisine Hall of Fame, these dishes would be among those cordoned off by velvet ropes, in their own VIP sections. They’re so famous and oft-ordered you can find them regardless whether you’re in China, Paris,...


Mangu dariana marte

They serve Dominican dishes - and plenty of plantains

Review: Mangu in Gretna

Gambit    10/16/2017

Bright green plantains are boiled, smashed and whipped with butter until silky. Known as mangu, the traditional Dominican dish is where it all begins at a new Gretna restaurant bearing the same name. For the whipped plantains, there are toppings to consider. From carne de res guisada —...


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Not often you can eat in such an iconic & famous setting

Now you really can have breakfast at Tiffany's

USATODAY    11/9/2017

The movie came out 56 years ago, and now, finally, you really can have breakfast at Tiffany’s. That’s because on Friday high-end jeweler Tiffany & Co. will open a fourth-floor eatery, the Blue Box Café, which will be...


Fermentary form 900x600

"...a tiny tasting room and some fantastic sour beers..."

Drink Here Now: Fermentery Form in Kensington

Philadelphia Magazine    11/9/2017

Down the alley, under the green light, through the anachronistically fancy doors — that’s where you’ll find one of Philly’s strangest local breweries, Fermentery Form. It’s the doors that should give it away. They have no business being in that alley (technically Palethorp Street). It’s one of those...



Coquine pitched the restaurant equivalent of a perfect game

How Coquine became Portland's No. 1 restaurant

OregonLive.com    9/14/2017

One of the many reasons Portland is counted among America's great restaurant cities is the sheer number of credible superlatives you can throw around. National food writers consider Kachka the country's most exciting Russian restaurant. With apologies to Washington D.C.'s Little Serow, Langbaan is almost...


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Museums, greenery, and international cuisines await you

The Perfect Day in Seattle


With its infamous reputation for being rainy and wet, Seattle might conjure a gloomy cityscape with grunge playing in the background. However, when I close my eyes and think of my current home, I see the beautiful transformation between seasons and the evergreen landscape that surrounds the city. On...



No place has given amaro a starring role quite like this one

SF amaro bar finds the sweet spot of bitters

San Francisco Chronicle    11/15/2017

Human evolution, in its perpetual quest to prevent the species from eating poisonous leaves, gifted us with bitterness-tasting genes. Biology’s intended response when you put something sharp and acerbic onto your tongue is a negative, visceral reaction, ideally followed by forceful expectoration.


La plaza la jolla courtesy image

Even when it's sunny people like to shop, & shop seriously

5 Fabulous San Diego Shopping Destinations

Where    10/25/2017

The best places to shop in San Diego according to Where San Diego editor Sarah Daoust with stops at open-air malls, touristy shopping gems and more for travelers who want to snag a great deal


Austin eastciders tasting room 112836

Visit their “collaboratory” where they do cider experiments

Beloved Austin cidery opens bustling new tasting room

CultureMap Austin    11/10/2017

Pity the poor Austin drinker who doesn’t like beer. While the rest of their friends are busily bouncing from brewery to brewery discussing the vagaries of yeasts and grains, they are too often left in the corner...


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Learn about prohibition, then learn how they got around it

Savannah's best bar is in a Prohibition museum

CNN    11/16/2017

At some museums, you exit through the gift shop. But at Savannah, Georgia's American Prohibition Museum, which opened in fall 2017, you exit through a speakeasy. As the first city in America to sign an order making alcohol consumption or possession a crime during the period in the early 1900s known as Prohibition, it seems fitting that Savannah should be chosen as home to a museum on the topic.


 1x 1

What do ski resorts do for half a year? Get ready for you!

Six Glorious Places to Ski This Season

Bloomberg Business    10/18/2017

This year, some of the world’s best ski resorts are introducing a flurry of on-mountain improvements and luxurious slope-side retreats. We’ve rounded up the most exciting offerings for the 2017-2018 season and broken them down into personality-based recommendations, with input from Bloomberg’s...


Him0112 0811

Come visit the only commercial vanilla farm in the U.S.

Hawaiian Vanilla Co. on the Big Island is a delicious and educational stop

Hawaii Magazine    11/1/2017

There are more than a few places on the Big Island that defy rental car...


Img 0445

Flavor. Mark Nichols thinks about flavor - you should too

Smoke Rings: Out-of-the-Box 'Cue at AZ BBQ Company

Phoenix New Times    10/30/2017

Metro Phoenix is nearing peak barbecue. Chains are opening fourth locations; the Valley's best small pitmasters are scaling up; non-barbecue restaurants are getting into the game; and newcomers continue to fire up smokers across the Valley. We already have so many options. Faced with this developed...


Matadora at hilton boston.woburn

Newly renovated, and serving Spanish tapas and cocktails

Look Inside Matadora, Opening Tonight in Woburn

Boston Magazine    10/30/2017

The restaurant is located at the Hilton Boston/Woburn hotel, which just underwent a $16 million, top-to-bottom redesign. Berry developed the culinary program, centered on a custom, wood-fired grill in the middle of the open kitchen. Chef de cuisine William Jimenez will execute it on a nightly...


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This Chinese restaurant has an authentic dining experience

Pearl Ocean: Lucky Dragon's gem

Las Vegas Magazine    11/17/2017

This Chinese restaurant creates an authentic dining experience.


Copy password

Don't tell anyone about the SpyBar behind the red door!

Why SafeHouse Chicago Needs To Be On Your Radar

Spoon University    10/20/2017

Back in the day, spy movies (think Get Smart or Spy Kids) were all the...


Bodega shoot 13 preview 994x663

Toli Moli market has Asian pantry items, cookbooks, and more

Forget NYC Bodegas, This New Burmese Bodega in Union Market Has EVERYTHING

Washingtonian Magazine    11/15/2017

Whether you’re looking for coconut curry noodles, Korean face masks, South Asian spices, or diapers, a new Burmese bodega inside Union Market aims to be your one stop destination for all that and so much more. The shop is an expansion of Toli Moli, the Union Market stall serving creamy, gelatinous...


Delicious food corner rice noodle rolls congee

There's one specific item people wait in line for

This Restaurant Serves the Most Hong Kong–Style Breakfast in the East SGV

LA Weekly    11/15/2017

Weekend mornings at this Hacienda Heights shopping center see a group of people standing near one particular door, with others seated in a couple of rows of plastic chairs. The crowds are there for a Hong Kong–style...


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The menu is comprised of Tex-Mex style dishes

La Carreta crosses the lake and opens on Magazine Street

NOLA.com    11/17/2017

Nearly 20 years and 13 restaurants later, brother and sister Leticia and Saul Rubio, have opened their first La Carreta location in New Orleans proper. The restaurant chain, which serves an assortment of Mexican dishes, grew quickly mainly in the North...


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Offering a 9-course pork-centric tasting menu

Belly, a Shrine to Swine


At Belly, a shrine to the protean appeal of the swine, pork might as well be its own syncretic religion, celebrated in multitudinous forms through intertwined culinary traditions. “We are the United Nations of Pork,” a paunchy, jovial chef named Johnny likes to tell diners—or, more succinctly, “Bacon me crazy.” Still, there is a method to the porcine madness. Conceived by Anna Lee and Philip Cho, two marketing...


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Serving up the comfort of homey southern Italian cooking

Dinner at Angelina's is like eating in Nonna's living room

Philly.com    11/10/2017

The Symphony House may well remain a viable place to live on South Broad Street, despite the fact that its Pepto pink facade has been a front-runner in the city’s ugliest condo category since it was dubbed a contender nearly a decade ago by my colleague Inquirer architecture critic Inga Saffron. But...