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Everywhere you turn on the Kona Coast, rugged beauty

Hawaii's history comes to life on the Big Island's Kona Coast

Hawaii Magazine    10/9/2018

Everywhere you turn on the Kona Coast, you encounter traces of the past. On this lava-filled leeward coast of Hawaii’s Big Island, Capt. James Cook died, in a skirmish over a rowboat. Only a few miles from where Cook perished, Kamehameha the Great fought his first major battle. After nearly 30 years...


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The owner has been a Jazz Fest vendor for 17 years

Fireman Mike's Cafe and Sweet Shop arrives in Lakeview: Opening alert

NOLA.com    10/5/2018

The owner has been a Jazz Fest vendor for 17 years.


Hakka beef house rice bowl

Serving hard-to-find Hakka fare like soups, rice bowls,...

Eat Here Now: Hakka Beef House

Philadelphia Magazine    10/4/2018

We here at Foobooz are always interested in what Philly’s best chefs are eating. So when Ange Branca, chef-owner at South Philly’s Saté Kampar, posted about Hakka Beef House, a new favorite of hers in Chinatown that opened earlier this year, I had to know more. I asked Branca if she’d be willing to...



Independent book stores are on the increase - find out why

Run for Cover, new bookstore in O.B., set to open Friday

San Diego Union-Tribune    10/3/2018

Marianne Reiner grew up in France in a family surrounded by so many books they joked about sleeping on hardbacks and paperbacks instead of beds. She thinks that’s where the dream of owning a bookstore first took hold. And now it’s coming true, with Friday night’s opening of Run For Cover in Ocean Beach.


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Pair "Flamin' Hot" onion rings & "Pac-Man" pizzas w/games

Versus Arcade Bar Opens This Week in Downtown Crossing

Boston Magazine    10/10/2018

The hospitality group that’s arguably reinventing Boston’s nightlife scene is getting in on the nostalgia-inducing trend of arcade bars. Versus, a restaurant packed with retro video games, pinball machines, and table games and the latest from Big Night Entertainment Group, opens Thursday in Downtown...



A world of flavors awaits — once you leave the Strip

There’s no reason to gamble on Vegas restaurants. Here are your best bets.

Washington Post    9/5/2018

A visitor to Sin City might be tempted to stick to the corporate comfort of the glitzy hotels on and around the famous Strip. But the obvious candidates for the appetites of chowhounds can be a gamble these days. I know, having recently pushed a lot of food around on my plate at the otherwise...


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Check out the walk-up window for soft-serve w/olive oil +

This Ramen Shop Has Soft-Serve Topped with Gold

Washingtonian Magazine    6/22/2018

If you find yourself at Capitol One Arena this summer, refrain from...


Valentina bbq

Incorporating Mexican-American flavors in must-have tex mex

Tex + Mex + ’Cue: 4 Texas Spots Combining the Best of Both Worlds

Bon Appétit    9/12/2018

It’s the best of both worlds: Texan barbecue techniques meet Mexican flavors. Whether it’s pit-smoked barbacoa at Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ in Austin, or smoked chicken covered in a spicy citrus marinade at Pollos Asados Los Norteños on the southeast side of San Antonio, the genre now includes some serious talent in Central and South Texas. Defining Mexican-American barbecue varies by pitmaster, but the...


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Fanciful, accomplished wood-fired Mexican cooking w/LA vibe

Fire and Spice Fanciful wood-fired Mexican is the name of the game at Greenpoint’s Oxomoco.

Grub Street    10/8/2018

You could be forgiven for thinking, when you first situate yourself in...


Apl inset

The look & feel of a brasserie (art deco bar, woven chairs)

APL: Dining Review

Hollywood Reporter    10/5/2018

Adam Perry Lang is not just the eponymous chef and owner behind APL, a buzzy dining room at the corner of Hollywood and Vine that bowed in the spring. He's also its proud bladesmith, crafting custom steak knives that he offers for sale for $950 apiece, the minimum threshold for a felony in California, to dissuade theft. The DIY cutlery, impressive in its ambition — if not always the sharpest in...


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From England to China, Italy to Vietnam, France to...

Best of Phoenix 2018: Our Best Ethnic Restaurants

Phoenix New Times    10/10/2018

You can take a gastronomical trip around the world without ever leaving the Phoenix area, from England to China, Italy to Vietnam, and France to the Middle East, and of course to all parts of Mexico, we are blessed with an abundance of ethnic restaurants in the Valley. Here are the ones we...


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The hits are back, along with an array of new plates

Smallwares Is Back with Big Flavors

Portland Mercury    10/10/2018

Smallwares is back, although it kind of never left. When it debuted in 2012, Chef Johanna Ware’s restaurant, which introduced Asian flavors never before seen in Portland, earned top critical marks across the board. The spot in Northeast Fremont’s Beaumont-Wilshire neighborhood made an indelible...



Swing by for amazing aquavit cocktails and lutefisk handpies

Old Ballard Liquor Co. Transforms from Distillery into a Scandinavian Bar

Seattle Magazine    10/11/2018

Starting off as a wonderful nano distillery right by the boat launch and across from the Maritime Academy, the Old Ballard Liquor Co. recently transformed into a Scandinavian-style bar. There had been a charming small café in the distillery, but with this change, it’s a full bar, with the distillery no longer in operation.


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Soondubu & galbi lettuce wraps get a fine-dining spin @ Maum

This Korean Tasting Menu Is Silicon Valley’s Answer to Lazy Bear

Modern Luxury    10/11/2018

“We grow stone fruit at the mother ship,” the young man told me. He wasn’t a farmer, fresh off a flying...



Warm Belly Bakery earned a cult following for its BIG cookie

Former teacher opens Warm Belly Bakery Lincoln Park with Chicago-style cookies

Chicago Tribune    10/10/2018

Warm Belly Bakery has earned a cult following, not only for its colossal cookies but for the charisma of chef and co-founder Joe Dela Pena. “My official title is chief cookie officer,” said Dela Pena at his new shop in the Park West area of Lincoln Park, opened last week. It’s the second location of what he calls a cookie-centric bakery.



Italian-born frozen dessert having growing spot in our tummy

Gelato is having its moment in San Diego

San Diego Union-Tribune    10/4/2018

When the quirky An’s Dry Cleaning gelateria opened June 1 in Normal Heights, it joined a small but steadily growing community of shops devoted to the Italian-style ice cream. Gelato, with roots in 16th century Florence, is made with milk, rather than cream, so it’s lower in fat and calories than ice cream. But because it’s made fresh in small batches, is densely structured without added air and served...


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Italian neighborhood restaurant gives us a reason to try it

Mediterraneo Fires Up a New Pizza Menu

Honolulu Magazine    10/3/2018

Mediterraneo Ristorante Italiano just upped its dinner game, adding a new pizza oven as well as a new chef coaxing magic out of deceptively simple ingredients. We got invited to try more than half a dozen pizza...


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The right people, telling you the right places to eat at

10 places to eat now in New Orleans: October 2018

NOLA.com    10/9/2018

We know what you're thinking: Where should I eat in New Orleans? Brett Anderson and Todd A. Price, the dining team at NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune, have the answer -- at least for this month. In this town of near endless options for eating, there is always a new restaurant to be discovered or an...


5076363 hero 101 best pizzas 2018 edit

Which style is your pizza fav? And are you open to others?

101 Best Pizzas in America for 2018

The Daily Meal    9/27/2018

Every year, The Daily Meal sets out on a quixotic quest to rank America’s best pizzas. This marks our seventh annual ranking, and every year the pizzas just get better and better. It’s a fantastic time for pizza in this country. The classic Neapolitan style is now widespread, while Roman al taglio...


Hotel max seattle washington lobby

From the art to the food to the all-around vibe, stay here

Hotel We Love: Hotel Max, Seattle

Budget Travel    10/1/2018

Seattle was established as a city in 1851, yet chances are that when its history is written in 50 years, the most memorable chapter will be about when Howard Schultz opened his little coffee shop in Pike’s Place Market in 1971 and called it Starbucks. Or it will be about the 1990s when Seattle served as ground zero for the grunge music that defined Gen X. It’s the latter that takes center stage at...


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Hearst Castle - one mansion surrounded by three guesthouses

15 secrets of Hearst Castle

CNN    10/5/2018

Perched atop a California hill more than a quarter mile above the Pacific Ocean, halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, Hearst Castle is a stunning tribute to the incredible wealth of one of the 20th century's most important businessmen and his extravagant tastes.


Bar 1

Golden Gate Ecstasy - more bitters than you ever dreamed of

Laureate Keeps S.F.'s Hotel Bar Streak Going

SF Weekly    9/20/2018

Last year, San Francisco saw a crop of new bars and restaurants situated in hotels that captured a customer base far beyond the holders of key cards. Whereas many hotel bars have long been overpriced non-destinations...



Ahwatukee with his spot-on renditions of Japanese classics

Sushi Nakano

Phoenix Magazine    10/1/2018

Sushi Nakano in Ahwatukee would have been a godsend, and likely the best...


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From the rooftop bar Wild Days to cocktail nook Allegory

Here's The Scoop On Everywhere You Can Eat And Drink At Eaton DC

DCist    10/2/2018

Before Eaton DC made its soft debut in early September, chef Tim Ma took...


Fallcocktails n8oqg8

Goodbye, margarita slushies; hello, apple brandy milkshakes

5 Cozy, Sweater-Weather Cocktails for Fall

Portland Monthly    10/1/2018

For a city mostly known for its evergreens, Portland sure takes fall seriously. Embracing the season here is a necessity; not an option—especially when it comes to eating and drinking. We’ve rounded up five cocktails hitting menus this fall, with enough apple cider, whiskey, and caramel...


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This North Austin bánh mì shop keeps the focus on flavor

Restaurant Review: Le Bleu Perfects the Vietnamese-Austin Mash-Up

The Austin Chronicle    10/5/2018

Like so many other successful local ventures, Le Bleu's origin story involves a food trailer. Lucky for Austin though, chef and owner Tebi Nguyen didn't close the original trailer, Saigon Le Vendeur, he just added a second location and then opened a North Shoal Creek brick-and-mortar. From tender...



Specialties from Macedonia to Crete - all-day culinary place

New midtown restaurant Fournos Theophilos offers homemade food for the full Greek 'experience'


The flaky baklava, flavorful fava and feta cheese goodness found on a trip to Greece are now closer than ever with the opening of a new dining and market space called Fournos Theophilos. The two-story, 5,200-square-foot space at 45 W. 45th St. features "homemade" Greek favorites, from roast lemon chicken, slow-cooked braised beef and cheese pies to lamb, fava and more that can be eaten on the premises...


Best rooftop bars in san diego california

Any rooftop is great in San Diego, but not all have bars

10 of the Best Rooftop Bars in San Diego, California


I absolutely love rooftop bars, especially when traveling to a new city. They often give you some of the best views of the city and in a city with such great weather as San Diego they are simply places you can’t miss! San Diego doesn’t have the largest selection of rooftop bars but the city does have some very good ones. And, having been to San Diego so much over the...


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La Cantine has so many mouth-watering sandwiches (17!)

Good luck choosing among La Cantine’s vast sandwich array

Las Vegas Weekly    9/27/2018

When chef and restaurateur Richard Terzaghi makes moves in Las Vegas, food enthusiasts should take notice. Earlier this year, the French-Italian chef and owner behind Oh La La French Bistro quietly opened new casual venture La Cantine, a European-inspired sandwich shop that won’t disappoint even the...


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From the North shore to the South (and a little more)

Fun Things to Do on a Rainy Day on Kauai

TripSavvy    9/17/2018

Don't let rainy days get you down on Kauai. The Carpenters sang how "Rainy Days and Mondays” always got them down, but on the Island of Kauai, Mondays are always just fine and there's no reason why you can't find fun things to do on a rainy day also. After all, it's the rain that makes Kauai the...


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A sensational second outing from a wine evangelist

Wine Shrine

Improper Bostonian    9/28/2018

Two years ago, The Improper gave a rave to haley.henry, Haley Fortier’s downtown wine bar, and the next summer called it Boston’s Best...


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Easy access and great views at Green Bay's Titletown Dist.

Lodge Kohler is a winning addition to Green Bay's Titletown District

USATODAY    9/16/2018

Lodge Kohler, the 13-month-old hotel in Green Bay, Wisconsin, is quite close to Lambeau Field. How close? It’s a bit of stretch saying that to find a bed any nearer the 50-yard-line, you’d have to be inside the stadium. But the lodge is just 100 yards – the length of a football field – west of the...


Funkenhausen  pretzels 1

Personal but not too serious at his new West Town brasserie

West Town’s Funkenhausen ain’t your opa’s German beer hall


Mark Steuer's new German restaurant isn't named for his teenage all-accordion Krautrock cover band—though I wouldn't be surprised if he could pull something like that off. It is, however, a long-awaited return to the main stage by a chef who's veered all over the culinary map since his first days in...


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Specializing in tequila and mezcal drinks and puffy tacos

Thunderbird Bar opens in West L.A. with puffy tacos and Skee-Ball

Los Angeles Times    10/2/2018

Thunderbird Bar opens today on Wilshire Boulevard, a block west of Bundy Drive, with puffy tacos, premium bourbon, tequila, mezcal and Skee-Ball. The bar, accented with Native American tapestries, hand-painted desert murals, whiskey-toned booths and eclectic bits of road-sourced Southwestern Americana, arrives from co-owners Joe Curran, Pete Figliulo, John Bower and Brandon Bradford, with...



Frozen drinks & classic Cuban dishes at a French Quarter bar

Restaurant review: Manolito serves frozen drinks and classic Cuban dishes in the French Quarter

The Advocate    10/1/2018

Cuban history is rife with romance and mystery. The allure of Cuba’s cocktail culture can be traced to bars such as El Floridita, where Ernest Hemingway spent sweltering afternoons while a cantinero, or bartender, poured daiquiris. Manolito, a petite cocktail bar and restaurant tucked into a...


Board game bar philadelphia thirsty dice

800 board games, plenty of tables to play on, & a bar + cafe

Hooray! Philly Is Finally Getting Its Long-Delayed Board Game Cafe

Philadelphia Magazine    10/5/2018

I don’t know about you, but I love board games. Not virtual board games that you play on your iPad. Hate those. I’m talking about actual, physical board games that you take out of a box and stick on a table. So when, back in January, I heard that Philadelphia was getting a board game bar and cafe...