The Nouvelle menu consists of 12 courses (4 elements to 1st)

Next review: Everything old is Nouvelle again

Chicago Tribune    5/3/2018

Next, the restaurant that changes its format more often than I change my furnace filters (don’t judge), has taken a new tack in 2018. Sure, there are multiple menus — four this year, rather than the usual three — but this time they’re linked, constituting a linear progression of culinary style and history.


10387024 web1 copy a y c e buffet inside palms casino resort entrance credit rouse photography 2

You'll get more than your fill at these buffets

5 spots in Las Vegas to indulge in decadent buffets

Las Vegas Review-Journal    4/13/2018

Sterling Brunch with Gruyere popovers. The Buffet at Bellagio with dishes such as seafood paella. Wicked Spoon - the food is served in individual vessels. Bacchanal Buffet with interactive cooking. A.Y.C.E. Buffet with extensive vegan and vegetarian choices.



New York-style bagels and more from the Atlanta-based deli

Goldberg’s Fine Foods opens in CBD

Gambit    5/14/2018

It isn't easy to get a New York-style bagel in New Orleans. With the opening of Goldbergs Fine Foods in the Central Business District, the local bagel game is looking up. The New York-style deli and restaurant opened...


East wind snack shop har gow 11.w710.h473

In Brooklyn, har gow gets a thoughtful upgrade

How Chef Chris Cheung Tricked Out One of the World’s Most Classic Dumplings

Grub Street    5/3/2018

Chris Cheung has a way with dumplings. At East Wind Snack Shop in Windsor Terrace, he serves some of New York’s best. Filled with dry-aged beef, they’re shaped like hockey pucks, and pan-fried on top and bottom. It might sound unlike other dumplings you’ve tried, but Cheung’s tweaks tend to be...


Comfort and floyd faceboo900x600

Breakfast & lunch in the old Carman's Country Kitchen space

A New Bruncherie Called Comfort & Floyd Is Now Open in South Philly

Philadelphia Magazine    5/11/2018

A new breakfast and lunch spot has opened in a space with a long history at 11th and Wharton. Owners Sara and Bruce Reckahn opened Comfort & Floyd, which will serve a chef-y take on homestyle comfort food, at 1301 South 11th Street earlier this week.



A notorious surf town hones a laid-back beach vibe

How to Spend a Day in Encinitas

Culture Trip    4/11/2018

Beyond the sand and waves, it’s also home to relaxing gardens, a historic movie theater, and trendy restaurants. Situated in San Diego’s North County, Encinitas is about a 30-minute drive from the downtown area. This...


Best bites botanica ft blog0418

The tastiest and most memorable outtakes worth tracking down

The Best Bites of the Year According to Food & Wine Restaurant Editor Jordana Rothman

Food & Wine Magazine    4/10/2018

All of us ask a lot of our bodies, but I think it’s fair to say that for me this is...extra true. As Restaurant Editor of Food & Wine I spend months on the road scouting each year’s class of Best New Chefs and...


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Bike cafes continue to sprout up. Here’s where to find them

5 Spots to Combine Your Love of Bicycles and Beer

Seattle Met    3/27/2018

Much as I love a crisp riesling—and that’s very much—it will never quench thirst quite like beer. The reasons for the emergence of bike cafes in the last couple years are many—shop owners had restaurant backgrounds; cycling is seasonal and owners want to make better use of increasingly pricy real...


Bar 2

More personality than its ambiguous name would suggest

This Bar Is Not a Hotel

SF Weekly    4/18/2018

However careworn a proverb, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is rather cryptic. Are we not to judge because only shallow people would read The Great Gatsby because of Francis Cugat’s outstanding cover design? Or is...



Just a man, his wood-fired grill and some really good fish


Phoenix Magazine    5/1/2018

French chef and food writer Auguste Escoffier famously said, “The...


636607726794343816 doccrows13

"...feels like a barbecue joint crossed with an oyster bar,"

Derby City's spot for barbecue, oysters and Southern food

USATODAY    5/2/2018

The scene: The first Saturday in May is always the Kentucky Derby, America’s most famous horse race, known alternatively as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports” and "The Run For the Roses.” This weekend the eyes...


Dsc 1516

Four new coffee joints worth settling into

Welcome to the Neighborhood, Cafés!

Portland Mercury    5/16/2018

The first few months of this year have seen a raft of new cafés open all across town. Like any good citizen consumer, I recently decided to try a few of them. It’s very strange, bouncing from café to café—as dumb as it always sounded in my long-ago stint as a Starbucks employee, the café is truly...


Food feature1 1

People with special needs want to create special experiences

A Different Kind of Barista at Empowered Coffee

The Austin Chronicle    5/11/2018

Not every coffee shop serves as home base for pretentious attitudes and pseudo-philosophical debates about the nuances of Kanye West's latest rant. It's refreshing to skip the latte art and artisanal snark and just find a good cup of joe served with a warm welcome. That's exactly the kind of...



The wineries are older than 100, but the wine is fresher

An Ode to Napa's Century-Old Historic Wineries

7x7    5/14/2018

With so many trendy wineries on the scene in Napa Valley, it can be easy to overlook the originals—the trailblazing winemakers that established the industry as we know it. Napa's storied heritage dates back over a century to the late 1800s and, while Prohibition wiped out many of the early...


Honeycomb creamery smores taco ice cream

Boston is an ice cream town, no matter the weather

Five Places to Get Ice Cream in Boston Right Now

Boston Magazine    5/15/2018

In rain, in March snow, or in May mugginess, Boston is, and always will...


Tunaflight toro.akami.torotartare.chutoro

...you enter Anago through dusty-rose velvet curtains

Radio Anago is Brendan Sodikoff’s sushi cave under the deep dark sea …


A young woman arrived late to join two friends at Radio Anago, a new Japanese restaurant in River North. Hugs and kisses were exchanged, then the newcomer delicately bent her knees, and then her waist—and then indelicately planted her butt on the floor.


National art gallery washington dc.adapt.1900.1

Make the most of your time in DC with these top 10 tips

Discover the Best of Washington, D.C.

National Geographic    5/8/2018

As the capital of the United States, Washington, D.C., offers travelers a bounty of world-class attractions and cultural diversity. Here are ten great ways to spend your time.


Foc apr 2018 twss 1035

You don't really need an excuse, except a desire to shop

8 Shops in Laguna Beach To Spend Your Side Hustle Money

Locale    5/14/2018

We’re a sister duo out of Las Vegas that created Wilson Gabrielle. Our blog follows our fashion adventures through Vegas, LA, NY and the world and shows how two sisters with such different tastes can complement and contrast each other’s individual style so perfectly. Laguna is our home away from...


Fremont street experience

Take part in one of the best past-times in Sin City

The Best People-Watching Spots in Las Vegas

Where    4/4/2018

Partake in one of the best hobbies in Las Vegas. People-watching in Sin City goes to the next level with a collection of interesting spots, attractions and more making it easy to view streams of tourists roaming the city. People come here to let down their inhibitions and be whoever they aren’t in their everyday lives—free of judgment. Here, a round up of some of the best spots in Las Vegas to do some people-watching.


Trythis 2876c009

Some museums you look at history, here you ride on it

Roar of the PT Boat

New Orleans Magazine    5/1/2018

“When I come back, I’m gonna marry you, kid,” Earl told Lucille the last time he dropped her off at home before he shipped out for the second time. It was around 1944 and he was one of the 16.1 million soldiers who would fight in World War II. My grandparents truly were part of the greatest...


Ddp 1522

Siriano's passion for decorating has quaint roots...

Christian Siriano Gives Us an Exclusive Look at His Colorful New Self-Designed Boutique and Atelier

Architectural Digest    4/17/2018

Christian Siriano may have celebrated a decade in the fashion industry...


Bok bar facebook 900x600

The weather is beautiful. What are you doing inside?

The Best Places to Eat and Drink Outdoors in Philly

Philadelphia Magazine    5/10/2018

It’s been a long time coming. There have already been a couple of false starts. But with it now actually being May and with at least a few days of warm weather in a row promised to us, we’re ready to call it. It’s patio season. And while our dear city isn’t exactly known for its sweeping vistas,...


Inside the icon star of india 0b23cfad

1863 was momentous in history, as the Star of India knows

Inside the Icon: Star of India

San Diego Magazine    4/16/2018

In 1927, the City of San Diego purchased the Star of India for the Zoological Society as part of an ongoing campaign to market itself as a major city, envisioning that the ship would serve as a centerpiece to connect the bay to Balboa Park. World War II put that campaign on hiatus and forced the...



Surprising varieties of poke when you look at the menus

Best poke: Our Top 5

Frolic Hawaii    5/10/2018

Poke is as contentious as it is popular. Who makes the best? Since poke is my favorite food, I took it upon myself to scour the island for the best preparations. The first time I ranked my top 5 poke picks, back in 2013, the list featured Alicia’s Market, Corner Cafe and Bar, Local Cravings, Tanioka’s Seafoods and Da Pokeman Fish Market. Three of these have since closed. Our new list only features one returning veteran, a longtime townie favorite and three...


Yenvykhoa 1024x772

In the middle of Little Saigon, serving Vietnamese soup

Pho Bac Sup Shop: where chaos meets creativity


A spring shower descended outside Pho Bac Súp Shop, flooding the restaurant with diners on a chilly Friday evening. Yenvy Pham, who runs Súp Shop with her siblings, Quyen and Khoa Pham, knows almost every patron...


Traditional line

Whether you say it po-TAY-to or po-TAH-to - great spuds!

7 Best Berkeley Restaurants to Put a Twist on the Classic Fried Potato

Spoon University    4/19/2018

Whether you say it po-TAY-to or po-TAH-to there's no denying that these...


Barnone   pizza   escarcega

Hyper-local food and drink hub in a vintage barn

The Essential 'Agrihood' in Metro Phoenix for Breakfast Wine and Wood-Fired Pizza

Phoenix New Times    5/2/2018

This southeast Valley "agrihood" is home to a unique hub that celebrates Arizona-made food, drink and craftsmanship. It is a Phoenix Essential.


Bistroagnes nataliebehring 14

Greg & Gabi Denton's approach is what people want to eat

Bistro Agnes: Turning French Cuisine Up to 11

Portland Mercury    4/25/2018

Someone recently asked me, “How can another high-end French restaurant expect to open—and thrive—in Portland with Gabe Rucker (Le Pigeon) and Aaron Barnett (St. Jack) already dominating?” The answer? You do it because you’re Greg Denton and Gabrielle Quiñónez Denton of Ox, and you do it by making...


00100dportrait 00100 burst20180216194615518 cover c87253f1

Classic but refined Southern fare is dished out at Colleen's

Restaurant Review: Colleen's Kitchen


I’m a Southern gal at heart, so I was anxiously anticipating the opening...


0509dining southernproper10 photo maddie malhotra pc1

Southern Proper takes the low country chicken shack uptown..

Good and Proper

Improper Bostonian    4/20/2018

You can tell a lot about a neighborhood by its newer restaurants. When a Seaport tower goes up, its first floor gets some national chain outlet that’s soullessly indistinguishable from hundreds of convention-center-adjacent restaurants in Houston or Phoenix. By contrast, new South End buildings tend...


Royalpalm 26 52c38bf4.jpeg?ver=1525447157&aspectratio=1

Sliding those disks across the floor is great & popular

Royal Palms Brought Shuffleboard to Bucktown and Everyone’s Obsessed

Chicago Magazine    5/4/2018

We won’t lie. We were a tad skeptical when we first heard about Royal Palms, the shuffleboard bar that opened in Bucktown in March. Was this just another hipster hang centered around an obscure activity performed solely for the sake of its obscurity? Shuffleboard? Really?


Newseum 56a237ae3df78cf772735e48

The "news" is a popular topic these days - important too

Visit the Washington, DC Newseum, the Museum of News

TripSavvy    5/9/2018

The Newseum in Washington, DC is a high-tech, interactive museum that both promotes and explains, as well as defends free expression. Focusing on the five freedoms of the First Amendment—religion, speech, press, assembly, and petitions—the museum's seven levels of interactive exhibits include 15 galleries and 15 theaters.



Not sure we've reached peak fried chicken, so visit here

Four great L.A. fried chicken restaurants to try now

Los Angeles Times    5/2/2018

Is Los Angeles a fried chicken town? The hours-long lines at Howlin’ Ray’s at the Far East Plaza in Chinatown seem to suggest so. As do the number of non-fried chicken restaurants with some version of a fried chicken sandwich on the menu. Places like Tokyo Fried Chicken in Monterey Park (imagine giant karaage, Japanese-style deep-fried...


0510 food roger sachs steiners by wade vandervort t1000

It pioneered the concept of the "Nevada-style pub"

Steiner’s celebrates 20 years of pub grub and happy locals

Las Vegas Weekly    5/10/2018

Twenty years ago, Las Vegas had plenty of neighborhood bars offering pub grub, drinks and gaming. But the visionaries behind Steiner’s Nevada Style Pub saw the potential for something more. “We wanted to create a tavern that Las Vegas had never seen before,” says Roger Sachs, Steiner’s owner and...



In the Big Easy, deciding where to eat is anything but

Where to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in New Orleans

Washington Post    4/25/2018

Everybody in New Orleans has an opinion about where you should eat. Ask a dozen locals and you are likely to get a dozen different answers. Mention where you just had a great experience and they’ll probably say, “Well, that’s pretty good, but you really should have gone to . . .” This can make...


Exit 4 desserts 1 a92fa51e

Desserts will have you coming back for 2nd's, 3rd's, & 4th's

You Should Seriously Indulge Your Sweet Tooth at Exit 4 Food Hall


The wide range of desserts will have you coming back for seconds, thirds, and even fourths.