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AKA "Queen City of the West", largest city in S. Dakota

Sioux Falls South Dakota in 24 Hours


Sometimes the best stuff is right in front of you and you don’t notice it. I’ve always wondered how those relationships that start as friends and end up as lovers work. You know, the kind where you are friends for years, and then suddenly one day you look at this person and have different feelings...


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Maybe you'll find out you're not alone, & that will be good

Ever had a broken heart? Send the relics to this L.A. museum

USATODAY    2/14/2017

Among the many items on display at the Museum of Broken Relationships here is something any person who has ever had his or her heart broken would appreciate: an apology card. “I know I am entirely undeserving, but I hope one day you can forgive me,” the card reads. “I cannot express how sorry I am for the pain I’ve caused you.” The item was donated anonymously to the museum from a jilted lover. The...


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“It’s like a pizza over in Cornwall,” Good basic food

Cornish Pasty Co. provides a slice of authenticity in downtown Las Vegas

Las Vegas Review-Journal    2/13/2017

Cornish miners, who are frequently cited as popularizing the pasty, might be taken aback at the idea of a lamb vindaloo, pesto chicken or a carne adovada. But the wide variety of pasties available at The...


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First impressions matter, so these are a good head start

Date Bars NYC: The 6 Best First Date Bars in the City


Everyday, New Yorkers struggle through the hustle of work, deal with absurd finances, and navigate the undulating mess of cars, people and sewer rats—all while trying to find love. Even when a potential match does come along, there’s the challenge of finding the perfect first date spot....


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"The izakaya is a riot, barely contained." Intrigued?

Dinner At The Fish Riot: Royal Sushi And Izakaya Reviewed

Philadelphia Magazine    1/26/2017

There are restaurants you go to because you’re hungry, and restaurants you go to because they’re cool. There are restaurant you go to because they’re close—the old soldiers of your particular block, with rooms as comfortable as faded blue jeans and a bartender who knows your name. And then there are restaurants you go to because they make you feel better about your neighborhood, your city...


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An owner with a heritage, and smoked meats with a char

Primitive Smoke BBQ Now Making Waves In Pacific Beach

SanDiegoVille    1/28/2017

New to Garnet Avenue in Pacific Beach is Primitive Smoke BBQ, a...



The name is a joke, but the food is certainly not

Review: Vegetable-focused Bad Hunter blooms along Randolph's Restaurant Row

Chicago Tribune    2/9/2017

Let me just say that "Bad Hunter" is the best name for a veggie-focused restaurant I've ever heard. The phrase "bad hunter" is the punchline to a silly vegetarian joke. And it's a fine name for a restaurant that leans heavily toward greens and grains but doesn't take itself too seriously.


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Some interesting trends amongst these - what do you think?

10 Restaurants You Can't Miss in Seattle Right Now

Food Republic    2/16/2017

Seattle is home to a thrillingly vibrant and diverse dining scene, with new spots popping up all the time. And its prime location — the Emerald City is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and mountains galore — certainly helps, supplying local chefs with an abundance of top-notch meats, seafood and...


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The concept is simple, but the execution can challenge

Book of Sandwich: Winter Edition


The sandwich. Perhaps more popular at sunnier times of the year. But we think of it as a wintertime staple, custom-made for January days. (Today's forecast: gray with a chance of grim.) We don't mean cucumber sandwiches with their crusts cut off. We mean: hearty, saucy, fueling, delicious. Forthwith: our bucket list of the best...


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Classic, as in comfortable - as in comfort food for you

6 Classic Brunch Spots Every Portlander Must Know

Portland Monthly    2/13/2017

Portland has officially reached peak brunch. With so many restaurants offering cumin-spiced Bloody Marys and smoked trout eggs Benedict, the hardest part of the morning is just deciding where to settle in. Don’t worry—we’ve done the homework for you. Click that play button above and behold our...



Boasting Hawaii’s largest bar top & lots of local craft beer

Maui Brewing Co. opens first Oahu brewpub in Waikiki

Hawaii Magazine    2/6/2017

The much anticipated Maui Brewing Co. restaurant in Waikiki has opened its doors on the second floor of the Holiday Inn Resort Waikiki Beachcomber. Boasting a solid menu of carefully crafted, Hawaii-made house brews,...


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Michelin three stars: “cooking worth a special journey.”

Seeing Michelin Stars in Washington, D.C.

Fodor's    12/16/2016

Washington, D.C.’s restaurants are rising to gastronomic greatness. Perhaps there’s no better proof than the fact that just last month its own Michelin Red Guide—the French final word in epicurean mastery—appeared on the stands. The book contains 96 pages of restaurant accolades, but what everyone’s talking...


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If baseball is not thrill enough, just visit these places

The Best Places in Metro Phoenix to Party During Spring Training 2017

Phoenix New Times    2/20/2017

You could head back to your hotel room, of course, or hang around the stadium in hopes of getting an autograph or two. Or you could check out some of the drinking, dancing, and partying thrills happening at the bars, clubs, and other establishments in the vicinity of each of the 10 spring training...


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They take a liberal interpretation of "comfort food"

Review: Susan Spicer and Brett Duffee keep it casual at Rosedale

Gambit    1/30/2017

Rosedale is the kind of restaurant every neighborhood wants. Chef Susan Spicer's latest endeavor sits in a quiet pocket of the Navarre neighborhood on a sleepy residential street overlooking the train tracks between Mid-City and Lakeview. It's an unlikely spot for a chef of Spicer's caliber and pedigree, and...


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They describe themselves as "Asian inspired bar food."

Restaurant Review: The Great Y’all

The Austin Chronicle    1/27/2017

Although the Great Y'all does make their own version of the ubiquitous golden milk, it makes no health claims, instead describing themselves as "Asian inspired bar food." It's only with a second glance at the menu that one would realize that it is vegan at all. Helmed by Jenna Ryan and Beth...


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With all the great ingredients, you won't miss anything

The Best Vegetarian Sandwiches in Boston

Boston Magazine    2/14/2017

With juicy burgers, fresh seafood, artisan charcuterie, and more popping up on seemingly every corner, finding a satisfying, vegetarian-friendly meal can feel like more of a scavenger hunt in Boston. But that’s starting to change: By Chloe arrives soon in the Seaport, and there are a few standout...



Want to see the meat before it arrives on your plate?

Jonathan Gold: Gwen, a manly restaurant and butcher shop, simply screams 'steak'

Los Angeles Times    1/20/2017

On your way into Gwen, the Hollywood restaurant run by Curtis Stone and his brother, Luke, a former florist, you will probably spend a few seconds browsing the retail butcher’s counter, a display of Victorian lavishness — fat birds, richly marbled meats and intricate pâtés. I am a fan of McCall’s Meat & Fish Co., Belcampo Meat Co. and Alexander’s Prime Meats, but there is nothing in Los Angeles...


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Highly rated all around, and 17 restaurants to feed you

Inside The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, Sin City's Most Glamorous Hotel


After spending the past eight months travelling through Latin America, our two week layover in the US felt very welcome. It was so good to be able to communicate easily again (our Spanish sucked), and it was also good to enjoy that...


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Waterfront between Greenwood Heights & Bay Ridge

10 Reasons to Visit "America's Coolest Neighborhood" Sunset Park


A few miles from the brownstone lined streets of Park Slope there's a...


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A gastropub where Tokyo meets Philly

At Royal Izakaya in Queen Village, a torch passes    2/10/2017

Look for the glowing red lantern. It hangs like a mysterious beacon in the quiet heart of residential Queen Village, the only sign that something might be happening behind this nameless brick facade at Second and Fulton.


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Hopefully you don't have to hurry to eat these...

103 Dishes to Eat in San Diego before You Die

San Diego Magazine    1/27/2017

Here's Made, our little black book of San Diego's best food


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Need much convincing to try out epic doughnuts?

7 Places to Get Epic Doughnuts in Chicago

Midwest Living Magazine    2/19/2016

Gourmet doughnut shops have popped up all over Chicago lately, so you’d think the appeal would be becoming a bit … uh … stale. Wrong. After tasting the moist cakes, sweet glaze and creative flavors (glazed pineapple...


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Small amount of seats, small menu, big flavors

L'Oursin Brings French-Inspired Seafood to the Central District's Ever-Evolving Culinary Landscape

the Stranger    2/15/2017

oday, the corner of 13th Avenue and East Jefferson Street smells overwhelmingly of beef, which is a bit disorienting for diners arriving to L'Oursin, a French-inspired seafood restaurant. The smell on that corner—an intersection of the ever-expanding borders of the Central District and Capitol...



Independent coffee places are as unique as their coffee

5 Great Coffeeshops in San Francisco

Wandering Educators    2/16/2017

Move over Seattle, San Francisco is on your caffeinated heels. Coffee is the lifeblood of most Americans, with 83 percent considering themselves coffee-drinkers. Whether you want coffee in the morning or afternoon, from a coffee shop or a regular eatery that offers coffee, chains like Starbucks are...