No shortage of restaurants - favorite picks for Con weekend

Comic-Con 2018: Best places to grab a bite near this year's Con

San Diego Union-Tribune    7/12/2018

San Diego Comic-Con is the Mecca for pop culture fans, but its in-house food offerings of muffins, coffee carts and cold sandwiches leave much to be desired. Instead, we encourage Con visitors to venture outside the San Diego Convention Center with this dining cheat sheet.


Soho house meatpacking nycluxpool0718

Pools are among the most coveted attractions in N.Y. City

How to Get Into 12 of NYC’s Best Pools This Summer

Travel + Leisure    7/13/2018

Concrete jungles retain heat like nowhere else on this earth — which is likely why pools are among the most coveted attractions in New York City. And in a city as diverse as New York, the selection of aquatic destinations are equally varied. From lap pools with colorful decks in Brooklyn to all-night parties on a rooftop downtown, to a...



An unassuming neighborhood corner spot for classic seafood

First Taste: Pearl serves hearty seaside fare in the Outer Richmond

7x7    7/10/2018

Pizza devotees have no doubt made the pilgrimage to the Outer Richmond for Pizzetta 211's much-loved thin-crust pies. Now, more health-conscious (and potentially the gluten-intolerant) can get a taste of the team's talents at their new nearby restaurant, Pearl, where they're serving a fusion of...



Extremely popular camping spots for a reason - the ocean

Best Bets: Four picks for Southern California Coastal Camping

San Diego Union-Tribune    7/15/2018

If you’ve dreamed of waking up to salty sea breezes and the sound of ocean waves lapping onto the shore, coastal camping may be for you. Hazy summer mornings, warm days and cool evenings offer welcome relief from the Inland Empire’s scorching summer months. From San Diego County’s 70 miles of sun-soaked shoreline to the Orange County coast, we’ve rounded up four campable seaside spots suitable for...


Space needle 101 hero

Ready for a 42-second elevator ride to the future?

Space Needle 101: Everything You Need to Know About Seattle’s Space-Age Icon

Fodor's    6/2/2018

When it was built for the future-focused “Century 21” World’s Fair in 1962, the Space Needle symbolized Seattle’s innovative spirit and technological might. Today, the 605-foot spire is one of the world’s most recognizable skyline landmarks and the city’s most popular tourist attraction, with a...


10764705 web1 monzu jul08 18 bh 006

11 varieties of pizza ("pizza" in the plural) to choose from

Pizzeria Monzu in Las Vegas excellent on all counts

Las Vegas Review-Journal    7/7/2018

If it’s true God is in the details, Giovanni Mauro must walk among the angels. And Las Vegas is reaping the blessings at his new Pizzeria Monzu. Consider Mauro’s pizza — “pizze” in the plural, as it is on the menu — which is in the “alla palla” style, a venerable Roman street food....


Phoenix new times po chicken jackie mercandetti photo 02

One of the latest in a wave of Korean restaurants to open

Po Chicken Sizzles Mind-Blowing KFC, Korean Fried Chicken

Phoenix New Times    7/2/2018

Are we witnessing the first major wave of new Korean restaurants in metro Phoenix? All-you-can-eat barbecue parlors and late-night soju joints are popping up seemingly overnight in suburban strip malls and upscale shopping centers, especially around the East Valley. If you have a taste for Korean...


La 1528929499 lkjh32ke4p snap image

Head clockwise on the main road on Kauai, you'll find it

Where to hike in Kauai to one of the wettest spots on the planet

Los Angeles Times    6/18/2018

While most people head to Kauai for sun and sand, hikers who head into the interior of the island will find themselves in one of the wettest places on Earth. Mount Waialeale in the island’s interior receives an average of 450 inches of rain each year, which accounts for its lush vegetation and plentiful waterfalls.


Texas state tubes san marcos river

Who knew there was so much water in Texas? Fun water!

15 Ways to Savor a San Marcos Day Trip

The Austinot    7/13/2018

No one likes leaving the beautiful playground that is Austin, but a change of pace and scenery can rejuvenate the soul. San Marcos, an easy jaunt south, tempts with adventures in and on the San Marcos River, charming...


Food theme 1 featured

Most works of art last a long time, but you'll eat these up

Variations on a Theme: The Great Restaurant Bake-off

Boston Magazine    7/13/2018

Want a cake a cut above the rest? Skip the bakery lines and order up a custom confection from one of your favorite restaurants in town.


Bishos cafe bakery ted nghiem 900x600

A Palestinian cafe is making a name for itself in the NE

One Simple Thing: Bishos Cafe and Bakery Reviewed

Philadelphia Magazine    7/12/2018

In the morning, people come to Bishos for ijeh — an omelet with parsley and onions — and orange juice from the big, grinding, clanking machine behind the counter. At lunch, they roll in and out fast, clustering near the end of the counter to pick up shawarma wraps in blue-and-white-checked paper,...


Bfast03 e1476297316977 994x795 994x795

Hint: IHOb isn't on the list - local places are

Five Great DC Brunch Spots for Pancakes

Washingtonian Magazine    6/29/2018

You’ve probably heard by now that IHOP is rebranding as IHOb, swapping “pancakes” in its name for “burgers.” We don’t appreciate that pancakes are being shortchanged,...


Img 7679

A Permanent Place to Drink Their Line of German-Style Beers

Rosenstadt Brewing Keeps Up Tradition, Untraditionally

Portland Mercury    6/27/2018

Conventional wisdom might suggest that Tobias Hahn and Nick Greiner have gone about this whole brewing business backward. But in just a few short years, their German-inspired brewery, Rosenstadt (it’s German for “Rose City”),...


Flightclub 3 4cf43e10.jpeg?ver=1531343784&aspectratio=1

Test your aim on these high-tech boards

Flight Club Is Not Your Typical Darts Bar

Chicago Magazine    7/12/2018

In your average pub, the dart board is traditionally relegated to a dark corner, where tipsy players can safely throw tiny missiles as they please. Not so at Flight Club (111 W. Wacker Dr., the Loop), where the sport is the bar’s central attraction. While the first floor hosts its main...


Best coffee highland park civil ben mesirow 1068x662

There are very many coffee shops in Highland Park these days

The 11 Best Coffee Shops In and Around Highland Park

Los Angeles Magazine    7/9/2018

In Ireland, they say, there are more sheep than people. In Highland Park and its environs these days, there are more clocked-in baristas than residents—or at least it feels that way when you stroll down the perpendicular strips of York and Figueroa on a sunny afternoon. There have been good coffee shops in Highland Park for a while, but suddenly...



Specializing in whole animal butchery and charcuterie

Piece of Meat opens in Mid-City

Gambit    4/23/2018

Leighann Smith earned the nickname "Meat Mama" while running the charcuterie and butcher department at Cochon Butcher. For the past couple of years, Smith and her partner Daniel Jackson have been running the pop-up...


25 bar primi clam sauce.w710.h473

Good morning to clam sauce and to clam sauce only

15 Versions of Clam Sauce, New York’s Great, Undervalued Dish

Grub Street    7/3/2018

Clam sauce is New York’s least iconic dish. But made “red” with tomatoes or “white” without them, the outcome is the same: good. Every day, hundreds of restaurants in the city send out well-made versions of clam sauce tossed with linguine or spaghetti. Portions may vary — in the West Village,...



Italian, French, more French, vegetarian, and steak

Explore the Marina's 5 most popular eateries

Hoodline    7/11/2018

Looking to sample all that the Marina has to offer? Get to know this San Francisco neighborhood by browsing its most popular local eateries, from a French restaurant to a steakhouse. Hoodline crunched the numbers to...



"We tasted ice creams in every corner of the county" Brutal!

22 San Diego ice cream shops where you can cool off on this very hot day

San Diego Union-Tribune    7/6/2018

We tasted ice creams in every corner of the county, including a handful of new shops that opened this past year, to choose our favorites.


Hersheyparkcharacters 5b3c0210c9e77c0054fad5fd

One of the most coaster-crazy theme parks in the U.S.

Hersheypark Has Some Sweet Coasters

TripSavvy    7/4/2018

It probably wouldn't come as a surprise to learn that candy is prominently featured at Hersheypark. Characters dressed as Hershey Kisses, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and other treats roam the park. Because the world-famous bars and other confections are manufactured in the nearby factory, the entire...


Plentyofclouds2018 23

A lot of the freshness, fresh veggies, herbs, lighter flavor

Plenty of Clouds settles in at 15th and Pine


Flavors of South Central China by way of New York City have settled in at 15th and Pine. Plenty of Clouds debuted over the post-4th of July holiday weekend as two Ethan Stowell alumni have started a new restaurant generation in the space formerly home to his longtime Capitol Hill favorite Anchovies...


Vegas9s cool ld t1024

There is more than one way to have a drink of cool

Vegas 9s: Great ways to keep cool in Vegas

Las Vegas Magazine    7/6/2018

Welcome to summer in Vegas, when temperatures regularly top 100 degrees and the wise seek shelter poolside or indoors with the AC blasting. Even with the...



Year-round you can get away in Arizona to beautiful places

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Camping (& Glamping!) in Arizona

Phoenix Magazine    7/1/2018

Arizona has a not-so-dirty little secret: It’s home to some of the most crisp and spectacular high-elevation wonders in the country. Bed down in the middle of it all with our low-hassle guide to the state’s top camping spots, from glamping...



History, culture, big waves and unspoiled beauty beyond

Waikiki Beach is only two miles of Oahu. The rest is well worth checking out.

Washington Post    7/6/2018

The towers of Waikiki Beach cast such long shadows over Oahu that it seems daunting, in the mind’s eye at least, to escape them when weighing a visit to Hawaii’s most populous island. But it can be done, and we did....


636635436815236818 11

In the heart of Downtown Austin, in an ideal location

Inside Austin, Texas' first food hall

USATODAY    6/5/2018

Austin, Texas' first food hall, Fareground, is entirely composed of local vendors, but that wasn’t always the plan. When Cousins Properties, the owners of the iconic One Eleven Congress building, first approached...


0627goodeats 7569 photo holly rike pc1

Speak Rhode Island-ese and order the cabinet here

Rhode Trip

Improper Bostonian    6/22/2018

Here’s a vocab lesson for those not fluent in Rhode Island-ese: A cabinet—like the one found at the new Cusser’s Roast Beef & Seafood takeout window at Moon Bar—is a milkshake with rich coffee flavor that transcends translation. Instead of the usual sugar-bomb of Autocrat coffee syrup, co-owner...


Flow state gelato cookie 900x600

Cafe and gelateria will offer the ability to book seats too

Flow State CoffeeBar Is Just About Ready to Open

Philadelphia Magazine    6/26/2018

Kensington’s newest coffee bar and gelateria is just about ready to open. Flow State CoffeeBar is set to debut at 2413 Frankford Avenue later this week. Owners Melanie and Liz Diamond-Manlusoc and Maggie Lee are shooting for a soft opening this Thursday, June 28th, pending final inspections.


Img 8410 994x663

Diners customize their own four to seven course meal

Gravitas Is the First Tasting Menu Restaurant in Ivy City

Washingtonian Magazine    7/3/2018

First came the distilleries, then the casual eateries, the fitness studios, and the Mom’s Organic Market. Now, once-industrial Ivy City has an upscale restaurant where dinner starts at $78. Gravitas, opening today, is a tasting menu-only restaurant led by 31-year-old chef Matt Baker, who’s...


Ruse elijahhasan 01

A Peek at the Art-Forward Beermaker’s Forthcoming Brewery

Ruse Brewing Steps into Its Own

Portland Mercury    6/27/2018

For two years, Ruse Brewing has been tucked away inside Culmination...


Coolest drinking city4.adapt.1900.1

The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are drink heaven

America's Coolest Drinking City

National Geographic    5/19/2018

WITH A SURPRISING number of Fortune 500 companies (17) for such a small metropolitan area (Minneapolis and St. Paul together have only 725,000 residents), there’s a good chance you’ve been to the Twin Cities for a meeting. But you may have missed their greatest asset: drinking innovations that come...


Alinea scallop citrus aroma1

World's leading chefs identify the changes in how we dine

The 30 Most Influential Restaurants of the Last 30 Years

Robb Report    7/2/2018

Like fashion, the world of restaurants is constantly changing with the...


Atypical waffle t658

Offering sweet and savory (& not sweet) waffle constructions

Still not typical

San Diego Reader    5/22/2018

Wow Wow Waffle never occupied a typical location. Its kitchen is built into a freestanding two-car garage that sits behind the 30th Street Laundry coin-op wash and dry. It’s easy to miss, because there’s not a typical restaurant sign out front. So, despite driving by often, it took me a while to realize the place had changed its name earlier this spring. Fittingly, it’s now called Atypical Waffle Company.


Smore three 800x533

Yes, ooey gooey s'mores galore, and try the s’mack ‘n cheese

Welcome to the First Dessert Shop in L.A. Dedicated Entirely to S'Mores


First, let’s get the puns out of the way. Less is s’more. S’more than you know. A sight for s’more eyes. Gotta have s’more. That last pun though. Gotta Have S’more is not just a play on words. It’s the name of, as far as I can tell, the world’s first shop dedicated totally to s’mores.


Http%3a%2f%2fcdn.cnn.com%2fcnnnext%2fdam%2fassets%2f180622122025 01 union square san francisco

Sights inside and outside, depending on your mood

The best things to do in and around San Francisco's Union Square

CNN    7/5/2018

San Francisco's Union Square gets a bad rap. Though it's where you'll find the vast majority of the California city's hotels and it enjoys the aesthetic advantage of a historic cable car trundling past, locals turn their noses up at mere mention of this palm-fringed public plaza in downtown's heart. Blame the open-top bus tours or the glut of designer stores, but Union Square has -- in recent times,...



Doughnuts and lobster—because we're all about balance

5 Things You Need to Eat and Drink in July 2018

Seattle Magazine    7/2/2018

It’s common knowledge that Seattle summer starts July 5, which means ohmygoditsfinallyhere. Hit the patios! Eat all the popsicles! Burn off the calories on the trails! And keep these ideas in mind when you’re planning your July eats and drinks:


Cr bongoroom 50618 2561 final

“We’d just sit over pancakes and have these big dreams.”

The Bongo Room turns 25: A look back at Wicker Park's beloved brunch spot


What is it with brunch? What's so special about pancakes and eggs that we're willing to suffer the indignity of hour-long waits, often with hangovers or small children in tow? Why are we willing to pack cheek to jowl inside a freezing vestibule, bleary-eyed and undercaffeinated when, as my mother...