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Beer gets the same micronuanced treatment as craft cocktails

No Anchor, Where Beer Is Granted the Same Nuance As Craft Cocktails

Seattle Met    2/20/2017

THE MENU AT NO ANCHOR described one beer, a saison from Baltimore...



Both food & drink, and from labs to roasters & cafés

10 New Restaurants to Try in the Bay Area in March - 7x7 Bay Area

7x7    3/6/2017

Our monthly list of must-try restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Pendry hotel san diego

What would a hotel be without food, drink and relaxation

7 Things To Do At The Pendry, San Diego's Hot New Downtown Hotel


The eagerly anticipated Pendry Hotel officially opened its doors with a festive grand opening party on Friday, February 10th, and immediately became THE hot spot in the Gaslamp, if not all of San Diego. And let me tell you: it was worth the wait! The hotel offers much more than just a place to rest your head at night; representing both top notch hospitality and...


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Serving “brekkie and brunch”, w/plant-based, vegan cuisine

An early look at by CHLOE

The Boston Globe    3/17/2017

Kale with a side of envy. CHLOE is the girl you weren’t cool enough to befriend in high school. Everyone here has edgy eyewear, dewy skin and hair, and an air of self-assured poise. That vegan lifestyle works! The scene Ripped from the pages of...


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The food and drink menus draw from Portugal & Morocco

Mike Isabella Opens His Most Ambitious Restaurant Yet: Arroz

Washingtonian Magazine    3/24/2017

Since opening Graffiato six years ago, restaurateur Mike Isabella has rapidly built an empire that currently includes eight full-service restaurants that range from Mexican (Pepita) to Mediterranean (Kapnos)—not to mention a handful of concessions at airports and Nationals Park, and a forthcoming...


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Kind of boutique dim sum that might change things

Dolo Takes Dim Sum to Another Level

Chicago Magazine    3/9/2017

hen it comes to dim sum, I admit that I rely on the wisdom of friends who know more than I do about Chinese food. And for years they’ve been sending me to places like Phoenix, MingHin, and Triple Crown. As a result, here’s what I’ve come to expect from dim sum: gelatinous rice paper...


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Lots of desserts you know, and some you don't. Yum!

Honolulu's Best Dessert Restaurants That Will Make You Skip The Main Course

Thrillist    1/31/2017

Maybe you’ve been there: After busily shoveling your face with lunch or dinner, the server approaches, armed with a dessert menu filled with sweet treats. “I couldn’t possibly,” you say, patting your newly formed food baby and mourning all of the uneaten desserts left in your wake. Next...


Nosh beijing noodle no 9 harasty ld t1024

A 14 page menu means lots of variety, & chances for new

A blessed life at Beijing Noodle No. 9


Two is better than one, right? At Beijing Noodle No. 9 in Caesars Palace, the entrance is flanked by two rows of tall aquariums on either side, and two...


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"The bread at LAMP Café is a marvel" - words I long for!

LAMP Café’s Italian Sandwiches are Worth the Trip to North Scottsdale

Phoenix New Times    2/14/2017

If you’re familiar already with the formidable work that chef Matt Pilato is doing at LAMP Pizzeria, a neighborhood parlor nestled among the scenic desert peaks and million-dollar homes of far-north Scottsdale, the answer might be: pretty damn far. If you’ve never heard of LAMP Pizzeria, though,...


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Something good about fresh fish cooked in front of you...

"You Buy, We Fry" Fish Restaurants in Los Angeles

LA Weekly    3/13/2017

Spring is in the air! What better way to to celebrate the season (whether you observe Lent or not) than by digging in to heaping platters of freshly fried fish at one of the various local, Southern-inspired "You Buy,...


Nan 5353

Figlia - which means daughter and implies a familial vibe

East Coast Counter Service Finds a Home in Figlia Americana

Portland Mercury    2/8/2017

THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT a counter service deli that feels very East Coast. Last time I tried to get a recommendation in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, it was like, “No, you don’t want to get a sandwich here. This is where you get coffee or soup. Go a block up and get a bagel. Or go two blocks over...


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For some coffee is life, so where is your source of life?

These Austin Roasters Can Hook You Up With Amazing Local Coffee Beans    12/21/2016

If supporting local businesses is your jam, you’ve probably already made the switch from buying your weekly or daily mocha from chain coffee shops to purchasing your favorite espresso drinks from local coffeehouses...


Malaprops bookstore and cafe asheville north carolina indiebook0124

Even in the digital age, books still add character to us

The Independent Bookstores Every Booklover Should Visit in the U.S.

Travel + Leisure    1/26/2017

According to the American Booksellers Association, the number of independent bookstores in the United States has risen steadily since the financial crisis of 2009, up 27 percent by 2015. There are plenty of...


Quirky spokane hero

Spokane city motto: Near Nature. Near Perfect.

We Never Would Have Guessed Spokane Is So Funky and Rad

Fodor's    1/27/2017

Spokane is the cultural and industrial hub of Washington State’s sprawling Inland Empire. While plenty of non-locals get their first taste of Spokane when they arrive for a convention or trade fair (the city hosts many), a simple scratch beneath the city’s tranquil veneer will reveal its quirkier side. From...


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Made-to-order corndogs on a stick - try the “classic”

Corndogs take people to a happy place at Reading Terminal Market    3/7/2017

Ezekial Ferguson and Rebecca Foxman worked together at Valley Shepherd Creamery in Reading Terminal Market for four years, with Foxman running the kitchen and Ferguson handling the cheese. “We worked so well together,” said Ferguson, “we decided we should do something on our own.”


Pomo 0117 winter relax asian spas zcgp9b

Jimjilbang are Korean-style public bathhouses

These Korean Spas Will Heal Everything That Ails You

Portland Monthly    12/20/2016

Step one: Call in sick. Step two: Get on I-5 north and don’t get off till exit 127. Zip into a monitored parking lot that looks ready for its next drug drop. Step...



Yep, watching a movie in a large audience of people like you

The Bay Area's Best Theaters to Watch Classic Movies

7x7    3/3/2017

Whether it's The Wizard of Oz or Hitchcock's Vertigo, Dawn of the Dead or Five Easy Pieces, classic movies are an art form we hold dear to our hearts. These celluloid gems from the past, some acclaimed masterworks and others wonderfully tacky period pieces, offer a wormhole back in time, an easy...



A unique model charges guests by the ounce for any beverage

Self-Service Craft Beer Makes a Statement in San Diego

Locale    3/8/2017

If you’ve glanced over a tap list and have been instantly hit with anxiety over your choices, then Barrel Republic might just be your haven. If you’ve waffled back and forth trying to decide between boozy beverages, then Barrel Republic can solve your woes. If your wallet has ever restricted your...


Marlowe hotel lobby bar sitting area

Try them out in half-ounce, single-ounce, or two-ounce pours

Hotel Marlowe and Bambara Cambridge Debut a Brandy Bar

Boston Magazine    3/8/2017

A new lobby lounge at the Hotel Marlowe has more than 60 types brandies, and a menu from chef David Bazirgan. Brandy is the catchall term for liquors distilled from wine—classic French Cognacs, brandy de Jerez, from the Andalusian “sherry triangle;” American apple brandies, and other varieties. A...


Tenpenh2 19

The crispy rice bowls are the biggest attraction

TenPenh review: A wide melting pot, with some ripples

Washington Post    1/11/2017

Five years after it served its last crispy whole flounder in Washington, TenPenh is staging a comeback in Tysons Corner. Chef Jeff Tunks, a partner in Passion Food Hospitality, says the time feels right. Not only is Asian cooking his favorite food to eat on his days off, much of his original...


C201704 t mandi noor saltah ba02d7a4.jpeg?ver=1488925066&aspectratio=1

Saltah is considered the national dish of Yemen

Mandi Noor Is a Hot Spot for Yemeni Cuisine

Chicago Magazine    3/8/2017

As worldwide cuisines go, Yemeni food doesn’t get much play. This welcoming storefront in an Albany Park strip mall offers a delicious corrective.


Phm0317ge01 01

Escape the urban to the slightly wilder side of Oahu

Oahu’s Western Shore

Phoenix Magazine    3/1/2017

Even paradise has levels. That’s what I’m learning as I wander the elysian west side of Oahu and talk to locals. It reminds me of talking to people in the Valley, actually. “Oh, the west side is boring. There’s nothing going on over there,” say the Honolulu-dwelling east siders, who boast of the capital’s superior culture and, as their raised eyebrows seem to suggest, worldview. “The west side is beautiful and peaceful,” its native defenders rebut. “Not all clogged with traffic like in the city.” Those...


Stratton base area credit stratton

The skiing is great, but the eating may be the draw

How To Have A Perfect Couples' Ski Trip In Stratton, Vermont

Food Republic    2/14/2017

Skiing is like turkey at Thanksgiving: Sure, it’s technically the centerpiece of the meal, but you don’t drive out 90 minutes to Uncle Morty and Aunt Mimi’s house salivating in anticipation of dry bird meat. You suffer through Morty’s terrible jokes and Mimi’s inappropriate grilling for the privilege of gorging yourself on gravy, stuffing, candied yams and pumpkin pie.


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Their slogan is “Never a dry chip", and they mean it

Location, quality, late hours fuel Nacho Daddy’s success

Las Vegas Review-Journal    3/7/2017

Photogenic employees wearing matching T-shirts. High-traffic locales. An easy-to-remember name. Multiple televisions tuned to sports and a full bar with some memorable concoctions, including one featuring a scorpion.