Best burritos, chilaquiles, salsa, beans, guacamole and more

Best of Phoenix 2018: Where to Find the 32 Best Mexican Dishes

Phoenix New Times    10/27/2018

East side, west side, and smack dab in the middle. Everywhere you turn in the Phoenix area there are great Mexican dishes. From burros and birria to tacos and tamales, we've put together our choices of where to find the 32 best Mexican dishes in the Valley. Call it a treasure map.



Meet the city's best new hotel bar

Amazing Views and Cocktails Abound at Downtown’s Fog Room

Seattle Magazine    11/12/2018

One of the welcome cocktail trends flowing into the modern drinking world hasn’t been about a specific drink, ingredient or style, but about a type of bar: hotel bars. For years, most (not all, but most!) hotel bars have been more about serving their important function of appeasing weary travelers rather than wowing with drinks, food or flair. However, both in Seattle and other locales,...



If you can't go to wine country, wine country will come to U

Veni, vidi, vino: San Francisco's top 5 wine tasting rooms to visit now

Hoodline    11/16/2018

Fall is the most popular season for wine tasting, and while a trip to Napa to visit wineries in person is the quintessential Northern California vacation, there are also plenty of great tasting rooms closer to home. Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top places to pull some corks in San...



Piquant Chinese-style street food with swanky vibes

Honolulu Skewer House = spicy Chinese barbecue sticks

Frolic Hawaii    10/22/2018

If you knew Japanese Restaurant Aki when it was on Makaloa Street, you may experience deja vu upon stepping into Honolulu Skewer House. The space, largely unchanged, has the same high ceilings, modern white seats and whimsical mural depicting a swirly sun and sea. But Skewer House has different...


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Everything's going to be fine. You'll see...

You Need a Strong Drink. Here Are 5 Places to Find One

Washingtonian Magazine    11/9/2018

Need a stiff cocktail? Here are five places to help you forget about the...



The brand makes upward of 40 "dry" ciders - come taste some

Bad Seed Brooklyn celebrates one year of hard cider in Crown Heights


Once a common drink in 1800s America that waned during Prohibition, cider has been experiencing a resurgence in recent years. Among the Hudson Valley cider producers behind this reemergence is Bad Seed Cider, which makes the first-of-its-kind dry cider fermented to have 0 grams of sugar. Last October, the seven-year-old hard cider brand expanded to the five boroughs, opening a tap room in Crown Heights...



Honoring the industrial past of the neighborhood

Longtime Fergie’s bartender opens Sutton’s in Kensington


Niall Murphy, who tended bar seemingly forever at Fergie's in Center City (10 years), has gone solo, taking over an old Kensington deli and, over the course of more than a year, converting it into a neighborhood bar. Kensington's industrial past figures into the look (old maps, exposed brick, zinc...


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Order a quesa taco-seared shrimp w/garlicky abuelo sauce

Leticia’s brings its popular Mexican food to Fiesta Henderson

Las Vegas Weekly    11/1/2018

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can certainly judge a Mexican restaurant by its chips and salsa. Centennial Hills-area favorite Leticia’s Cocina opened its new location inside the Fiesta Henderson earlier this month, and it passed the chip test and then some.


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From Western China, la mian is literally "pulled noodles"

We're searching for Portland's best hand-pulled noodles

OregonLive.com    11/13/2018

You don't have to travel far to find hand-pulled noodles in Portland. At restaurants, food carts and Korean dives from Beaverton to Happy Valley, chefs spin, slap and stretch fat lumps of dough into six-foot strings of tender noodles, then slice these giant cat's cradles into stir fries and soups.


Late night alden harlowccourtesy

As expected, you can snack from high to low food at night

The Best Late-Night Food in Boston

Boston Magazine    11/7/2018

We may be the Hub of the Universe, but—with our early last calls and even earlier subway-service shutdowns—Boston will never be confused for the City That Never Sleeps. Still, for those in need of late-night revelry (and a second dinner to go with it), there are plenty of spots that stay open...



Family-owned eatery is now open near Cal State San Marcos

New Umami restaurant in San Marcos mixes Japanese, Korean fare

San Diego Union-Tribune    11/8/2018

If there’s one thing North County farmer David Sasuga learned in more than 20 years of working with chefs, it’s that he never wanted to get into the grueling and risky restaurant business. Then last year, Sasuga’s brother-in-law, chef Eric Lee, announced to the family that he wanted to open his own restaurant. So instead of trying to discourage Lee, Sasuga and his wife, Julie, decided to combine all...



More than just normal finger-food at this places

Beyond the Chicken Finger

Phoenix Magazine    10/1/2018

Up your bar-bites game at these new Valley gastropubs. According to Wikipedia, "A gastropub or gastrolounge is a bar and restaurant that serves high-end beer and food. The term was coined in the 1990s, but similar brewpubs existed during the 1980s."


Ateliercrenn tableside.0

Fine dining stunners, neighborhood charmers, and more

America’s 38 Essential Restaurants

Eater National    11/13/2018

Plenty of smart, useful articles appear each year directing people to the nation’s buzziest restaurants, highlighting emerging trends and up-and-coming chefs. This annual guide, compiled after 34 weeks of travel and almost 600 meals in 36 cities, aims to accomplish something else: It’s a...


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They use cuisine and beer to tell a shared narrative

Restaurant of the Year 2018: The Brewer's Table


The best dining experiences, it can be argued, are akin to theater. They...


Kennedys tacos t658

Kennedy's Meat Co. updated w/hybrid tortillas & choice beef

Not the usual carne asada

San Diego Reader    11/9/2018

I don’t suppose many readers have occasion to go out in Escondido’s eastern sprawl for carne asada. I doubt most of us need to travel a mile to find a choice of spots serving it. But if you’re out that way, past the 78, look for the big sign: Kennedy’s. It used to be called Kennedy’s Karne, the expansion of a shop that opened in the early 1970s in the town of Heber, an even more way out burg near El...


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Brett Anderson reveals his list of the best restaurants

Top 10 New Orleans restaurants for 2019

NOLA.com    11/1/2018

Every fall since 2003, NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune restaurant critic Brett Anderson selects the Top 10 Restaurants in New Orleans. (Hurricane Katrina interrupted business as usual in 2005.) Only fine-dining restaurants with table service are considered for the honor. Restaurants eligible for the...


Nick filet original

Home of the "Original Filet Mignon Sandwich," is now open

A Filet Mignon Sandwich Restaurant Opens on the Main Line

Philadelphia Magazine    11/9/2018

It’s rare that you see the words “Home of the ___” on restaurant signage these days. Not sure why that is, really. My guess is that it’s rare that anybody wants to be branded any one thing. Food operators usually want to be something for everybody.


1114dining 1036 photo holly rike pc1

Sweetly updating the Space Age neighborhood diner

Cuddly Baby Bear

Improper Bostonian    11/9/2018

After adding the Centre Street Cafe to his beloved Jamaica Plain restaurant mini-empire (which includes Tres Gatos and Casa Verde) four years ago, owner David Doyle...


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Turn a broken-in southside bar into a genuine honky-tonk bar

Review: Duke’s Indy


If you enter the address for Duke’s into your phone at just the right downtown GPS coordinates, the...


La neta full table t1t9x0

Top-shelf masa, guacamole toast, and gin breakfast cocktail

First Look: Hoxton Hotel’s La Neta

Portland Monthly    11/9/2018

You’ve probably passed by the Hoxton Hotel, that leviathan at the entrance to Portland’s Old Town right near the Burnside Bridge, at some point over the last two years. On Monday, November 12, the Hoxton will finally...


Newtimes vegan 2 040

Too much night fun? These may just be the right cure

Breakfast Beat: 10 Great Hangover Dishes in Metro Phoenix

Phoenix New Times    10/28/2018

Life’s tough but being hung over while you’re living it makes it even tougher. Whatever your symptoms, however, there are a number of foods that can help you out. Meats, fruits, vegetables, oats, soups, and loads of caffeine can bail you out of hangover hell, and they’re usually good for you to boot....


Jack london state historic park sonoma pr 1018 900x500 800x0 c default

Jack London, Stephen King, Hunter S. Thompson, Steinbeck...

11 Western Locales That Inspired Iconic Literary Works

Sunset    11/8/2018

From Joan Didion’s California to Edward Abbey’s Southwestern desert, these landmarks and places will have you appreciating your favorite authors on a whole new level.



Burgers + sushi = the ultimate in international comfort food

This Unlikely Bento Pairing Hits the Mark

Seattle Magazine    11/1/2018

We love an unlikely pairing. Katsu Burger—the Japanese-influenced burger empire launched from a Georgetown strip mall in 2011—opened a Ballard location in July in the former home of Skillet. The restaurant looks remarkably the same, save for the faux tree full of blossoms in the middle of the dining room. Where other locations focus on burgers, here sushi (from executive sushi chef Masahiro...


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The counter-service, stream-table spot by long-time locals

Satisfying Southern & Caribbean Comfort Food At Harlem's New Greedy Pot

Gothamist    11/6/2018

For a big chunk of Kevin Morrison's life, working in a restaurant "felt...



Funkenhausen’s must-have dish is the Piggy Plate

Review: Funkenhausen's German-Southern mashup is silly, but solid

Chicago Tribune    11/5/2018

Chicago doesn't have a ton of Southern restaurants and barely any German ones. Now comes Funkenhausen, which opened in early August, attempting to check both boxes. Mark Steuer, probably best known for his Low Country restaurant, Carriage House (as well as The Bedford, two concepts that deserved longer lives), mixes his Germanic familial roots with his Southern upbringing. Purists of Southern cooking...


Http%3a%2f%2fcdn.cnn.com%2fcnnnext%2fdam%2fassets%2f180926181857 02 valentinas tex mex barbecue 092618

Tasty Texas BBQ and plenty of Mexican-inspired flavors...

Valentina's Tex Mex BBQ in Austin: Tasty blend of traditions

CNN    11/8/2018

Miguel Vidal remembers the moment when he knew what he would serve at his new restaurant, even though it was still a dream. Vidal grew up in San Antonio, Texas, and has worked in restaurants since he was 15 -- refining his technique and palate, training himself to eventually open his own restaurant. "I went home, and my dad had made a brisket. My mom had made homemade tortillas," Vidal told CNN...



From Peking duck to hot fudge sundaes - great dishes

The 21 Best Comfort Food Dishes in DC Restaurants Right Now

Washingtonian Magazine    11/7/2018

Comfort food. What does it mean to you? Probably something different than it means to us. No other category of food is shaped so much by personal memories and nostalgia. The genre has always seemed more timeless than trendy. And while certain staples such...



The restaurants name is an homage to the landscape of Iowa

A Compelling View of Italy, from Anthony Strong's New Restaurant, Prairie

7x7    11/5/2018

Considering how long and eagerly I'd been anticipating the debut of Anthony Strong's new restaurant, Prairie, I had surprisingly little in the way of preconceptions about the food. It would have something to do with Italy, I surmised, but beyond that I couldn't quite imagine what the dishes would...


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Disconnect from the real world with a soak, a scrub & sweat

LA's Best Korean Spas Are Waiting To Make Your Dry, Chapped Skin As Dewy As A Baby's Butt

LAist    11/2/2018

What's the perfect way to disconnect from the world and ponder what life would be like in a mirror universe where facts are indisputable and basic decency is the norm? A Korean spa. And Los Angeles has a lot of them.


Kis curry t658

Order before 6 pm for prix fixe or sushi specials

Happy hour with sunset and dessert

San Diego Reader    10/25/2018

I kept calling it the happy hour menu, and my server kept correcting me: “Sunset menu.” Sounded like semantics to me. It’s available from 4:30 until 6 pm nightly, conventional happy hour timing. Then the sun started its descent, and I realized she was right. We’re in the upstairs dining room of Ki’s Restaurant, located on the Pacific Coast Highway, directly across the street from Cardiff State Beach. Picture windows...


Coffee shops aroma

There are some real cool beans here - ready for a cup?

6 Buzzable Coffee Shops That Opened in Honolulu in 2018

Honolulu Magazine    10/29/2018

When it comes to scratching that morning caffeine itch, a cup of Starbucks joe—available on practically every corner—groggily guzzled down will suffice. When our espresso search is, however, a little less of an...



Chef Brad McDonald focus on classic French dishes at Couvant

Restaurant review: French classics shine at Couvant inside the Eliza Jane Hotel

The Advocate    11/5/2018

If there’s a dish Brad McDonald is determined to keep on the menu at Couvant, it’s the skate. The Mississippi-born chef has worked at renowned restaurants around the world, including Shotgun in London, Thomas...


720 west bistro cobbs creek cedar park philadelphia

Serving American and soul food on the Cedar Park-Cobbs Creek

An American Bistro and Jazz Lounge Is Now Open in West Philly

Philadelphia Magazine    11/7/2018

A new bistro has opened in West Philly’s Cobbs Creek neighborhood, just north of 52nd and Baltimore. 720 West Bistro takes the place of erstwhile bar Blue Nile at 720 South 52nd Street.


Best avocado toast in boston

Eight places serving the best avocado toast in Boston

Where to Order the Best Avocado Toast in Boston Right Now

Boston Magazine    11/7/2018

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and the only way you can imagine starting your day is with a nice piece of toast with smashed avocado on it for breakfast, maybe with some lemon juice or chili flakes for good measure. The craving for avocado toast is just a fact of life at this point, but we’re...


1118 best restaurants canard collage sa9y4c

Famed Le Pigeon chef Gabriel Rucker proves an original

Portland Monthly's 2018 Restaurant of the Year: Canard

Portland Monthly    10/10/2018

Wine bars, burgers, neo-bistro cooking. If Portland 2018 has a culinary...


1 web exterior lawn18.08.05 thegrand0049 edit 0

They have hosted many leaders, and are ready for you

Take A Peek At This Newly Renovated Historic Hotel

Southern Living    9/6/2018

Rebranded as the Grand Hotel Golf Resort & Spa, the property has undergone a 3-year renovation, adding new amenities and dialing up the style of existing ones. The hotel first opened in 1847 as a two-story building with 40 rooms. Over the years, it has changed hands and expanded, recovering from hurricanes, fire, and a war or two. In 1864, part of the Grand became a Confederate hospital; you’ll find a...