Something in every dish kisses the fire at Oxomoco

The Wood Grill Is the Star at Greenpoint’s New Mexican Hot Spot

Grub Street    6/5/2018

Pizza and tacos are two of the world’s great foods. “So why not cook both?” is more or less the question chef Justin Bazdarich asked himself. His restaurant Speedy Romeo is one of Brooklyn’s most popular new-school pizzerias, popular enough for him and his partner to open a second branch on the...



The Electric Eel coaster jams lots of excitement into a ride

SeaWorld’s Electric Eel coaster squeezes a lot of excitement into a tight space

San Diego Union-Tribune    5/10/2018

The new triple-launch looping roller coaster at SeaWorld San Diego may sit on a small footprint, but don’t let its compact size fool you: Electric Eel delivers a thrilling jolt. The vertically-oriented ride officially debuted Thursday on a relatively small 1.2-acre site next to Journey to Atlantis.


6 13 food review 1

Low-key, reasonably priced, & simpler than you might expect

Comal Next Door Offers Solid Taqueria Fare in Downtown Berkeley


The achiote grilled chicken thighs (right) make for a tasty taco. Since it debuted in 2012, Comal has been perennially packed — a restaurant both critically acclaimed and publicly adored. The Berkeley restaurant was among the first in the Bay Area to serve Mexican fare with the same zeal for local ingredients as other farm-to-table restaurants.


Mayflower oliver

Visitor to town this summer? Start off with a cocktail

5 Best Hotel Bars in Seattle

Seattle Magazine    6/1/2018

With the annual vacation season right around the corner – which means friends and relatives coming to town, wondering where they might want to stay – it’s good to know which hotels in town have swell bars. Because you wouldn’t want to leave your visitors without a cocktail, right?



Appealing to global travelers + adventurous eat & drinkers

First Look: Adventurous Z Bar rethinks familiar foods for a global audience

Chicago Tribune    6/4/2018

Chef Toni Robertson is channeling her global education and experience into Z Bar, slated to open mid-June atop the Peninsula Hotel. Born in Myanmar and raised in Chicago, Robertson has worked in New York, Singapore, Italy, South Africa and France, and said the different foods and cultures informed the creation of her menu.


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From France’s Brittany region comes galettes and crepes

The Real Crepe brings authentic French crepes to Las Vegas

Las Vegas Review-Journal    6/9/2018

The melting pot that is Southern Nevada serves us culinary experiences from around the world. One of the latest comes from France’s Brittany region — ground zero for the crepe — by owners of The Real Crepe, who dish up a superlative and charming taste of their homeland. The Real Crepe upholds Breton...



RoRo cantina might be slick, but it’s plenty authentic

Taco Chelo

Phoenix Magazine    6/1/2018

One could be forgiven for reflexively consigning Taco Chelo to “bourgeoisie taco shop” status. After all, it’s the brainchild of culinary maestro Aaron Chamberlin, whose two best-known efforts – St. Francis in 2008 and Phoenix Public Market Café in 2013 – both helped trigger an upscale renaissance...


Cocktailnames moku edit

When it comes to local cocktails, what’s in a name?

5 Cocktails with Interesting Names in Honolulu

Honolulu Magazine    4/25/2018

Who wants Sex on the Beach? And by that, I mean a mixed drink of vodka, peach schnapps, and orange and cranberry juices. Or a Between the Sheets, with white rum, cognac, triple sec and lemon juice. You could also get a bloody mary, Monkey Gland, White Lady or French 75. But maybe the bigger question...


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A monthly guide from Brett Anderson and Todd A. Price

9 places to eat now in New Orleans: June 2018

NOLA.com    6/17/2018

Welcome to summer. Here in New Orleans, we don’t let the excessive heat wilt our appetites. Are you wondering, “Where should I eat?” Our dining team, Brett Anderson and Todd A. Price, have answers in a monthly guide that includes new restaurants, old favorites and recent discoveries.


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Bringing high-end seafood to Central Austin with Guild

Restaurant Review: Guild


Landlocked Austin isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think about seafood. Then again, there are chefs slinging sushi in the desert. Besides, we’re not that far from the Gulf, abundant with shrimp—sweet and fat from brackish waters—oysters, and a wide variety of fish. When you...


Root facebook 900x600

Getting ingredients from local farmers makes for great food

The Best Farm-to-Table Restaurants in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Magazine    6/12/2018

From a dining perspective, it’s hard to talk about the farm-to-table movement in 2018. After all, the local, organic food trend hit mainstream dining a decade ago — which means that today, even chefs with a deep contact list of farmers and foragers tend to shy away from the term, which now feels...


Dining out 1

A Brookline eatery nails the modern neighborhood spot

Restaurant Review: Prairie Fire

Boston Magazine    5/8/2018

The chopped salad at Coolidge Corner’s appealingly earnest Prairie Fire...



There’s no animal products in sight, but eaters will love it

Fancy Radish proves: Vegetables can rock

Washington Post    5/1/2018

It’s “Hamilton” for vegans. Diners can thank the co-owner of the city’s best meatless restaurant for the umami-rich appeal of dan dan noodles that fill the mouth with flames and an avocado filled with pickled, “riced” cauliflower, sunny with turmeric. “I’ve got a carnivorous palate,” says chef...


Canard 010

Choose your own anytime-adventure from foie gras, & more

Canard Brings Out the Kid In You

Portland Mercury    6/13/2018

The hardest part of being a kid, at least for me, was not being able to do what I wanted when I wanted to. Now, as an adult, if I do just that, it’s viewed as childish. You just can’t win. Unless you’re at Canard, where doing what you want is the damn point, and exactly what makes it so fun. The third restaurant from Gabe Rucker (or restaurant/bar, bar/restaurant,...


Cal mare potato foccacia pinwheels michele stueven

Blue seashell tiles and turquoise leather chairs & booths...

Cal Mare Is a Marriage Made in Italian-California Heaven

LA Weekly    5/29/2018

It’s hard to believe that the Mina Group’s Cal Mare is located in one of L.A.’s biggest shopping malls on one of the city’s busiest boulevards, because after one of its classic Aperol spritzes at the bar you’d swear you were either...


Analog stage from balcony huttonhotel credit tim williams

Seven recently opened hot spots in Music City

What’s New in Nashville, Tennessee

Garden & Gun    3/23/2018

Last year, 14.5 million visitors drank PBRs at Robert’s, braved the hot...


Cape neddick lighthouse mainch0618

156 years young - see it in its renovated glory

This Cottage in Maine Is Where Idyllic New England Summers Are Made

Travel + Leisure    6/5/2018

New England has some wicked stereotypes. But no matter what the rest of the country thinks, few places are better at embracing the idyllic summer spirit than New England. The Cliff House Maine in Cape Neddick, one of the region’s most historic hotels, recently underwent a renovation to make it even more New England-y than ever before.



The best architectural landmarks to visit in the Big Apple

The 25 Best New York City Landmarks to Visit

Architectural Digest    5/14/2018

“Skyscraper National Park.” That is what Kurt Vonnegut famously labeled New York City in his 1976 novel Slapstick. It’s true, the city is filled with tall buildings, and many of them stunningly beautiful. Yet, New York City also has other, lesser-known landmarks that don’t necessarily touch the...


Half and half hotpot at shu dao

New Sichuan-style hotpot spot in the Convoy

Nine shades of hot at Shu Dao

San Diego CityBeat    5/25/2018

Chinese hot pot in San Diego used to mean a trip to Little Sheep Mongolian. Today we have multiple Taiwanese places, a Chonqing spot, ones with personal pots and many with communal pots. With ShuDao Hotpot (4690 Convoy St.), we have an authentic Sichuan place (and it’s not...



A neighborhood hangout with a unique business plan

Meet School Night, Dogpatch’s weeknight-only bar

San Francisco Chronicle    6/13/2018

When I look around School Night, I wonder if I’m looking at the future of bars and restaurants in San Francisco. The bar, which recently opened as part of an event-space complex called the Pearl on 19th Street, is just off the main drag in Dogpatch. There’s active construction in pretty much every...


20180313 seattlemetbeer fremont 1810 wrhges

Beer taprooms are making a clear shift from novelty to norm

The Rise of the Bare-Bones Taproom

Seattle Met    4/30/2018

Early Friday evening at Fremont Brewing’s taproom—which offers no discounts and only pretzels and apples as food—the tables are full and the line long and the conversational tone as effervescent as a...


Ballastpoint 11 9efc2a66.jpeg?ver=1528146064&aspectratio=1

The brewery’s 1st Midwestern location -settled in the W loop

Ballast Point’s Brewpub Is A Serious Beer Haven

Chicago Magazine    6/7/2018

The first thing you’ll notice once you enter Ballast Point’s spacious taproom in the West Loop (212 N. Green St.) is the sheer number of brews available. With over 45 beers on draft, you’re more than spoiled for choice. Sip on these in one of the bar’s spacious, well-lit rooms—most...


10575674 web1 masso may27 18 rb 001

The friendly, welcoming vibe starts at the hostess station

Conant brings twists on Italian favorites at Masso Osteria

Las Vegas Review-Journal    5/26/2018

Celebrity chef Scott Conant has said his mission for his restaurant at Red Rock Resort revolves around conviviality, “nothing pretentious at all … a place where they can feel comfortable three times a week.” At Masso Osteria, he has succeeded to a resounding degree, his...


Best mexican seafood   mariscos el cochorit   seafood tostada

Mariscos, Mexican seafood -some of the best hot-weather eats

Mariscos Are Becoming Cool in Phoenix: A Surprisingly Diverse Scene for Mexican Seafood

Phoenix New Times    6/7/2018

On a gritty, traffic-choked stretch of Buckeye Road in Phoenix, tucked behind a lonely-looking salvage yard, you’ll find a mom-and-pop Mexican restaurant named, in part, after one of the most famous coastal cities in northern Sinaloa, Mexico. Bertha’s Restaurant “El Sabor de Los Mochis” (“The Flavor of Los Mochis”) opened quietly last September, serving the kind of fare you’d expect from a local...



Gran Electrica is capturing Napa locals with trendy decor

Restaurant Review: Brooklyn's Mexican It spot Gran Electrica wins over Napa

7x7    6/12/2018

Taking a successful Brooklyn restaurant and opening a second location in a small Wine Country community like Napa takes bolas. But Gran Electrica appears to have won over Napa locals with trendy decor, authentic Mexican cuisine, and not-so-classic margaritas.


Img 3344

Located on the mist-kissed hills of Haleakala

Find fresh produce at Maui's quaint Kula Country Farms

Hawaii Magazine    6/7/2018

I was on an Upcountry Maui mission. There were specific places I wanted—no, needed—to stop on a whirlwind day exploring the island’s Kula district. I craved fresh cream puffs from Komoda Bakery in the cowboy town of Makawao. I had plans to stroll the fields of Alii Kula Lavender Farm, high up on the...


Http%3a%2f%2fcdn.cnn.com%2fcnnnext%2fdam%2fassets%2f180515111243 08 marceline disney   return home

Come see why Walt Disney wanted to replicated this place

This tiny town is the site of Disney's 'lost' park

CNN    6/12/2018

You may have paid to see gussied-up variations of the quaint town of Marceline, Missouri. The community of about 2,500, two hours northeast of metro Kansas City, was the hometown and emotional lodestone of Walt Disney. His boyhood remembrances of Marceline influenced such films as the 1949 live-action/cartoon "So Dear to My Heart" and "Lady and the Tramp" (1955).


B64 buffalochicken

Offering a regular and vegan version of all its sandwiches

Trilly Cheesesteaks feeds both carnivores and vegans: Opening alert

NOLA.com    6/15/2018

The restaurant offers a regular and vegan version of all its sandwiches.


Hannahkoehler hsjpoolholiday  137 preview 505f8423

Escape the day-to-day at this South Congress hotel

A Girl Walks Into a Bar: Hotel San Jose


I occasionally like to escape myself. I’m lucky to live a full life, so when I slip out with a girlfriend for a quick drink and catch-up, I sometimes prefer a place with a sense of spaciousness. Which is one of the reasons I like the lounge at the Hotel San José. Tucked behind a low, ivy-covered...


N tastereviews 01

Suraya was already good at what it was doing - now more

The Expectation Trap: Suraya Reviewed

Philadelphia Magazine    6/14/2018

One of the joys of this gig is being proven wrong, or at least too quick to judge. And at Suraya, I wasn’t expecting much. No, that’s not right. Better to say that at Suraya, I wasn’t expecting much more. When it opened back in November of last year serving lunch and brunch, Suraya was a wonder — a...


Dining out 2 1

Do they have the best pastrami sandwich on the East Coast?

Restaurant Review: Our Fathers

Boston Magazine    5/30/2018

The pastrami ($15) at Our Fathers in Lower Allston isn’t just good. It is exceptional. Cut by hand into thick, smoky, salt-plumped slabs from the gnarly navel side of the brisket, the cardamom-crusted beauty is so riddled...


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Have a fun night out with the whole family!

The Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Washington, D.C.

TripSavvy    5/18/2018

Finding a kid-friendly restaurant is crucial to a pleasurable night out with the family in the Washington, D.C. area. A restaurant that does not accommodate or welcome children can put a damper on your trip to the District. As a rule of thumb, most burger and pizza joints are kid-friendly. Most on...


Jupiter next burnside qsqtm4

A new quirky place to stay, with quirky places to hang out

Jupiter NEXT—the Jupiter Hotel's Luxe 'Big Sister'—Is Now Open

Portland Monthly    6/5/2018

A week before opening, Lisa Donoughe dodged construction workers in the glassed-in lobby of the Jupiter NEXT, the Jupiter Hotel’s new...


636638104971453403 vintage walter cordelia berry stand

They wanted to feed people, and they started an industry

Knott's Berry Farm: Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant stays true to its past

USATODAY    6/6/2018

There really was a berry farm. For that matter, there really were farmers whose surname was Knott. Unlike most theme parks, which rely on fictional backstories to drive their narratives, Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena...


00 story brooklyn museum

The surrounding area provides for an ideal summer excursion

What to Do Before or After Your Visit to the Brooklyn Museum

Vogue    6/1/2018

Each June, American designers are recognized at the CFDA Fashion Awards for their talent and innovation. Design awards are distributed, along with acknowledgements for excellence in journalism, creative vision, personal style, and lifetime achievement. The Brooklyn Museum will play host to the 2018...


Helix brewing andy boyd 1 t658

Not just outside, but outside with great views

Thirsty for sunshine

San Diego Reader    5/29/2018

Long summer days mean opportunities for drinking outdoors. Here are the top five brewery destinations to catch fresh air and sunshine with your craft beers this summer.