Cool off with the berry best any day, any time treat

Best acai bowls: Our Top 5

Frolic Hawaii    5/31/2019

Acai bowls are the perfect any day, anytime treat. Enjoying them is one of my favorite ways to cool down after a hike, workout or day at the beach. I'll even have it for breakfast to kickstart my day. I just love that I don't feel guilty for indulging in one because acai is super healthy.


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The Carousel looked different in 1949 than it does now

70 years ago, The Carousel Bar started spinning


Seventy years ago, a very grown-up merry go round opened in New Orleans: the Carousel Bar at the Hotel Monteleone. The New Orleans Item noted after the bar’s opening in 1949 that it took 15 minutes to make one revolution, and therefore “customers get a free ride or more...


Sampa s gourmet pizza co

These pizza styles take flavors a step further...

Filipino, Brazilian, Thai, Indian & Hawaiian ~ Try These Regional-Style Pizzas in Long Beach, Harbor Area


Despite having a rich Italian American heritage and history, Los Angeles...


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The best restaurant & bar patios in the Portland metro area

Portland's 27 best restaurant and bar patios for soaking up the sun


In years past, Portlanders might not start thinking about patio season until July was right around the corner. But these are strange times. Instead of rain, May has already served up a 90 degree day, while the typically soggy month’s final days promise sunshine and temperatures in the 80s. So hunt...


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A meticulous, careful restoration ~ 100-year-old building

$80M luxury hotel opens — in former downtown San Diego YMCA

San Diego Union-Tribune    6/11/2019

More than three years in the making, the 162-room Guild Hotel has opened this week in downtown San Diego, taking over a nearly century-old Army Navy YMCA building. The $80 million project, originally expected to open in March, is the work of San Diego-based Oram Hotels, in conjunction with Azul...


Meal az wilderness downtown lauren cusimano

A shortened menu of their famous burgers and Duck Fat Fries

First Taste: Arizona Wilderness' Downtown Phoenix Menu

Phoenix New Times    6/11/2019

As much as you’ve heard about the Arizona Wilderness Co.'s beer, you’ve probably heard equal amounts of praise for its food. Wilderness sprang up as Gilbert’s first craft brewery in 2013, and quickly became known as a beer house, east Valley hotspot, and restaurant.


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A hub for local Central Americans craving a taste of home

La Cabaña Is Seattle's Central American Food Hub

Seattle Magazine    6/1/2019

On days of big soccer games, La Cabaña owner Selvin Oseguera often answers phone calls from people of a half-dozen Central American nationalities to reassure them that the game will be shown on the television at his restaurant. Oseguera is Honduran, but the restaurant serves as a makeshift community hub for people who hail from all over Central America. And Oseguera couldn’t be happier about...


0606 food mob museum courtesy t1000

Want a cocktail in a miniature porcelain bathtub? Come here

The spirits of Prohibition live on Underground at the Mob Museum

Las Vegas Weekly    6/6/2019

When bartender Riki Taiga hands you a cocktail in a miniature porcelain bathtub, you sip it. Then you Instagram it. The Bathtub Fizz ($14), as it’s called inside the Underground—the hidden speakeasy inside the Mob Museum paying homage to Prohibition—is Taiga’s modern take on the sloe gin fizz. “I...


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One of the most enjoyable pizzerias in New York

A Stand-Up Example of Sit-Down Pizza

The New York Times    6/4/2019

One of the ways people pretend to be sophisticated about restaurants these days is by claiming that the New York City dining scene has lost its edge. The sheer number of restaurants in the city — about 27,000, according to the health inspectors — makes the argument absurd. How many of them are...


Daily driver bagels

Bringing wood-oven-baked bagels to a bagel-starved populace

Dogpatch Is Getting A Big New Bagel Bakery And Creamery Called Daily Driver

SFist    6/4/2019

The ambitious project at 2535 Third Street (at 22nd), includes a handsome tiled coffee counter and a bagel chute that ferries bagels from the oven into a striking, yellow-painted bagel storage...


Img 4962 1024x768

This speakeasy has diverse drink offerings and a homey vibe

Austin's Speakeasy Secrets (Shhh): The Good Life Bar Bar

The Austinot    2/18/2019

Sometimes you don’t know what you’re looking for until you’ve found it. One day you’re getting a haircut at the barbershop you’ve been going to for 10 years, and the next you have an offer to open your own bar behind...


Zuma boston bartender

Adding sushi, robata grill, & more to the Back Bay nightlife

Look Inside Zuma at the Four Seasons One Dalton Boston

Boston Magazine    5/28/2019

The tables are set, the robata grill is lit, and the ice spheres are ready for your Old Fashioned order: Zuma opens tonight inside Boston’s newest skyscraper. Located on the second floor of the new Four Seasons One Dalton tower, the highly anticipated, high-end Japanese restaurant adds sushi and...


Batch multiple dishes 8342

“I wanted to bring the food of the people, from ‘el campo,’”

First Look: Tequila & Mezcal Opens In Columbia Heights With Avocado Margaritas, Grasshoppers, And Mole

DCist    5/30/2019

Don’t expect to see a printed menu of the namesake spirits at newly opened Tequila & Mezcal. This mom-and-pop Columbia Heights restaurant doesn’t have one. “Our selection changes so frequently since the mezcal we serve is made in small batches on family farms,” says general manager William Martinez. A standard, formal list of the...


Bloomsday cafe philadelphia

A working fireplace, marble-topped bar, and a moss wall

First Look: Bloomsday, Headhouse Square’s Natural Wine Bar, Cafe and Bottle Shop

Philadelphia Magazine    5/30/2019

We’ve been excited about Bloomsday, the all-day cafe from Green Engine Coffee owners Kelsey Bush and Zach Morris, ever since we heard a year ago that it would be opening right across from the Headhouse Square Shambles. Then, we found out that it would also have a natural wine bar and bottle shop —...


Loews chicago fhr kgenter lobby

Solid customer service, comfortable rooms and a great gym

Down-to-Earth Luxury: A Review of the Loews Chicago Hotel

The Points Guy    5/7/2019

Loews is an independently owned family hotel company with just 27 properties in locations like Miami Beach, Tucson, Arizona, New York City, the one I’m reviewing today in Chicago and more. But the brand is well-known...


Kihei caffe 2019 dsc 5487

Where to fuel up before you hang ten

10 Best Breakfasts in Maui

Condé Nast Traveler    5/21/2019

When it comes to breakfast, Hawaii is known for hearty, stick-to-your-ribs dishes like loco moco and Spam, eggs, and rice (the much tastier island version of bacon, eggs, and home fries). And while there's plenty of that on Maui—we love Kihei Caffe or Leoda's for authentic local grindz—there are...


Gettyimages 902214046

Relatively small city w/practically year-round warm weather

10 Neighborhoods You Need to Know in New Orleans

TripSavvy    5/6/2019

Since the 1800s, New Orleans has been divided into seventeen numbered wards, but you’ll rarely hear a neighborhood referred to this way (the Seventh Ward and Lower Ninth Ward are two exceptions). The city is instead carved into smaller sections within wards — often with some overlap or debate on...


La 1559681541 atybra9hlm snap image

These standouts possess unmistakable features and vibes

A guide to L.A.’s best skate parks

Los Angeles Times    6/7/2019

From P.F. Flyers and steel wheels to puka shells and punk rock, skateboarding has rolled through a multitude of ages, stages and styles. Now, this quintessential SoCal sport is preparing to ollie onto its biggest stage yet. Two stages, actually. The first: the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, where skateboarding will make its debut. The second? On Broadway — with none other than Tony Hawk as choreographer.



The go-to spot for parents looking for a great dinner option

Laurelwood Brewing made ‘family-friendly’ the thing

OregonLive.com    5/29/2019

Mike De Kalb and Cathy Woo-De Kalb had two young children underfoot when they decided to open Laurelwood Brewing Co. in 2001. So it should come as no surprise that their Hollywood neighborhood restaurant blazed a new trail in the Rose City: The De Kalbs created a toys-provided spot where kids could...


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Walk in the authors footsteps to validate her conclusions!

I ate hundreds of burgers in San Diego. Here are the best 41

San Diego Union-Tribune    5/23/2019

Forget fish tacos. In these polarized times, perhaps the one thing San Diegans of all stripes can agree on is that this town has ascended to burger heaven. Whether they’re pressed on a flat top, diner-style, grilled at a gourmet restaurant or made to replicate a fast-food classic, San Diego’s burger-sphere is sizzling. No casual joint nor serious eatery worth its ketchup — no mustard! — would dare to...


Xxxhot mrs chicken lauren cusimano

What will draw your eye on the menu are the spice levels

First Taste: We Signed the Waiver for XXXHot at Mrs. Chicken in Phoenix

Phoenix New Times    6/5/2019

The history of Nashville hot chicken is a fun one. It’s said Thornton Prince was served an extra-spicy plateful of fried chicken by a pissed-off girlfriend who’d noticed his wandering eye, but it backfired. Prince's...


03192019 tzr tzr 140858 780x501

10-course meal that features Filipino food fused w/NW flavor

Psst! Hoy, Seattle! Archipelago masterfully combines Filipino food with Pacific Northwest flair

The Seattle Times    3/21/2019

“Psst! Hoy!” That’s how you get a Filipino’s attention, chef Aaron Verzosa tells the eight rapt diners gathered around the counter at Archipelago, the Philippine-inspired restaurant Verzosa and his wife, Amber Manuguid, opened Dec. 1 in Hillman City. Psst! Hoy, Seattle! Archipelago deserves your attention.


0606 food hatsumi photo by wade vandervort staff t1000

The menu size belies its complexity, w/lots of izakaya fare

Hatsumi brings elevated Japanese flavors to Downtown Las Vegas

Las Vegas Weekly    6/6/2019

Page through the menu at the newly opened Hatsumi by chef Dan Krohmer and one of the first things that strikes you is the seemingly sparse food list comprising a single page, followed by several pages of beer, wine and spirits (a page and a half devoted to sake alone!). With a long bar that invites...


Bestcookiemillers 1

A completely updated look at the best cookies in the city

The 20 Best Cookie Spots In NYC

Gothamist    5/23/2019

Cookies are the most portable of all the sweet treats—in fact, I typically carry around a few of NYC's best in my bag for on-the-go snacking and sharing. Try it! You wouldn't believe how happy you can make people...


Feat fact

The neighborhood is filled with delicious food factories

Bayview Produces an Abundance of Meat and Booze

SF Weekly    6/5/2019

The Bayview has long been a center of infrastructure and production that powers the rest of the city. At the turn of the century it was known as “Butchertown” for its plethora of slaughterhouses, which naturally led...


296858 original

Thai, vegan, Italian, sushi, Mexican comfort food and more

Where to eat in Austin now: 8 under-the-radar restaurants to visit

CultureMap Austin    6/5/2019

Like it or not, Austin’s dining public tends to be culinary magpies, flittering from one shiny new restaurant to the next. In doing so, they are missing a lot of great meals. These eight unsung restaurants may not be...



Calling this place cool and unique sells it short


Infatuation    5/23/2019

Tanám in Union Square’s Bow Market is cool. That’s a loaded word, and one that gets tossed around to describe a lot of different things, like people with face tattoos or neighborhoods that don’t yet have acronyms invented by real estate agents. But with Tanám, the coolness starts with the fact that it is a singularly unique restaurant in...


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A deepening a sense of community that make you feel @ home

The Best Bars In America, 2019

Esquire    6/6/2019

Bars in America are changing, and we believe that’s a good thing. Macho posturing and mixologist preening are on the way out. Wine bars are on the rise, and so are alcohol-free options. The watering holes that we honor here, on our annual list, are the ones that we think do the best job of...


Shawarma philadelphia kamals reading terminal

This Middle Eastern spit-roasted delicacy is a big favorite

Where to Get Fantastic Schwarma in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Magazine    6/5/2019

There are few foods as satisfying and convenient as schwarma. Pieces of marinated lamb or chicken (and sometimes beef) are stacked on a vertical spit, gyro style, then grilled until juicy and sliced from the spit to order. You can get them bundled tightly in a pita with veggies, pickles, and a...


Dining 02 web 0c1c7af2

Get revamped classics with a side of cool at Zilker's

Restaurant Review: Carpenters Hall


You can hardly go a week around here without someone declaring Austin the latest fill-in-the-blank city. We’re now “officially” known as one of the hippest, hottest, happiest, employing-est, big little towns in the nation. Indeed, such plaudits mean we’re turning into quite the boutique destination.


Bob2019 hotels grandwailea1 0

These hotels are so good, you'll want to try each one

The 5 Best Hotels in Hawaii

Hawaii Magazine    5/22/2019

Hawaii’s islands are loaded with stunning resorts and secluded hideaways, perfect for family vacations or romantic getaways. While picking a favorite hotel may feel akin to picking a favorite child—they’re all great in their own unique ways—here are the ones that came out on top in our...


Batch simone mom 8737

With a menu of curries, noodles, and crunchy, pickled salads

First Look: H Street's Thamee Wants To Be A 'Bridge' To Burmese Food

DCist    5/31/2019

Simone Jacobson, one of the co-owners of Thamee, a new Burmese restaurant on the H Street corridor, just had to have the kitchen at the popular Sally’s Middle Name restaurant. Two years ago, Thamee’s three owners—Jacobson, her mother Jocelyn Law-Yone and business partner Eric Wang—hosted a supper club at...


Fou 7890 mrfk2d

...all the self-conscious gravitas of a grand train station

Aerlume Brings Destination Dining to the Waterfront

Seattle Met    5/29/2019

Just one block north of Pike Place Market a destination restaurant—the kind with waterfront views, a coat check, even a personal farmer—sprouted out of nowhere in what used to be a concrete plaza. In December, Aerlume quietly unfurled its ambition in the heart of Seattle’s most hallowed acres while...


Cheese shop milk n more lauren cusimano

Local cheese shops that have lots of international flavor

5 Places to Shop for Cheese in Greater Phoenix

Phoenix New Times    6/4/2019

Nothing says, “I have good taste, but I also like to party” like a proper cheeseboard. Sure, we’ve all picked up whatever looks good last minute from the Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s cheese section (no judgment – the...


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The Kartrite, the largest waterpark in New York

Take an exclusive look inside New York’s largest waterpark, opening this week

USATODAY    4/15/2019

The Kartrite that's set to open Friday in the New York Catskills is no average waterpark. The waterpark itself is the largest in New York at 80,000 square feet with 11 water attractions and 318,000 gallons of water running through...


Berlu may2019 031lrphotocredit carlydiaz lgb3rl

Tiny, hard-core locavore Belmont restaurant has big ambition

First Look: Modernist Berlu Opens June 13

Portland Monthly    6/3/2019

Vince Nguyen gave up the dream of becoming a pediatrician when he discovered his talent for cooking. For his first job, at age 21, he jumped right into the fire of a demanding two-Michelin star kitchen in Los...